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Possible new car


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I had a 2009 X5 for 6 months last year, they are very practical, massive boot, plenty of space inside and averaged 25ish mpg with the 3.0d. Mine wasn't an M-Sport so had a square 19" set up, reverse camera, heated seats, side steps and the ride was good and looked smart. 

I looked at a few, there are some dogs around as they've depreciated for people who can buy them but not maintain them! 

I liked driving it but the rear air suspension needed doing (compressor and 2 bags), cost me £750. Make sure the gearbox has had a service too, diffs/box oil service was around £4/500 iirc (owned mine from 91-97k miles). To drive it was a typical BMW, but it had no lo/hi range for the box or diff locks or different driving modes so in that sense it wasn't a serious 4x4 like my previous Range Rover. Also the washer bottle can crack leaving a little puddle and it's a wheel arch liner and few pipes off job! Given the choice again I'd get an estate ...which conveniently after a few other cars I now have. A4 Quattrooo estate 🙂


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