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How to with saggy seat belt tensioning


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Seat belts became recently another discontinued item from Toyota for the Mk4 Supra and they do (particularly with the drivers belt) tend to snag, sag and fail to retract easily as they age. This could lead to an MOT issue if the belt retract has totally given up. Seat belt performance slowly degrades over time due to a combination of dirt and finger grease on the belts making the fabric sticky and the coiled tensioner spring also loses its full power as it ages. I copied the attached pdf copy write up on how to re-tension a Supra seat belt many years ago from a 93-98 section of a US Supra forum. It looks, with a picture by picture step process provided by the author,  to be as good a fix as you are likely to get this side of discontinued OEM belts.

There are now retailers offering new belts for sale that they have identified that will fit the Supra, our very own Keron being one. The current option does not have seat belt light off capability so a terminal or wire bridge is required to overcome that. Pending a direct drop in belt option then re-tensioning is an easy cost free option to try that could fix any retraction problem or postpone the time when a replacement is required.

Of course, before attempting a spring tensioning its always a good idea to try cleaning in hot soapy water, drying and then lubricating the belt with silicone spray to see if that fixes any sagging non-return issues first



Supra seat belt tensioning.pdf

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