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MR2 Mk2 Turbo Restoration


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9 minutes ago, Tyson said:

Lordy! Is there anything that isn't rusted 😄 This is either madness or a labour of love to keep going! Looking forward to the updates for sure 👍

Non-exclusive or, why not both! 😄 Most of the floorpan isn't rusty... but I've yet to pull the fuel tank and see what crust awaits me beneath it... Updates will hopefully remain plentiful, I really need to build a workbench to store half this stuff... I'm running out of floorspace 

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Over the weekend I learned about my new favouritest job ever to do in a car. Removing sound deadening. Urgh. Disgusting, messy hammer and chisel work. No dry ice sadly, and the freezer stuff in a car mostly just made a mess. Maybe the other side will be easier.

Also yanked the brake master, abs and traction system. Too much weight for my liking. Not decided if I'll keep ABS or not yet. 




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Been a little while, I’ve been busy at a wedding one weekend (took the supra out for that, lovely drive to the Peak District) and organising shite for the big day! The engine is now out, and more rust has been found…

Where the traction bar mounts to the chassis the mount is rusted through, top bottom and sides to some extent leaving me with a decision about how dedicated I want to be with this shell 😂 I think I’ll probably get it sorted and keep the shell still, just have to take my sweet time getting things like this sorted properly









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10 hours ago, mc92 said:

Well, it's not like you can make it any worse by learning to weld on it.

That’s the spirit!

12 hours ago, Swampy442 said:

Dedicated. Some may say insane 😁 If you have time and can do the work yourself, great! There has to be better chassis candidates out there though

I’m considering it, finding a genuine turbo tintop isn’t easy though!

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