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Bosch 044 fuel pump, HKS DLI

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Hi all, starting to clear out some bits. I've done some searching around to check the value of these things but happy to be told where I'm asking too much (or little!) if I'm way off the mark with any.

  • (SOLD) AEM Standalone Series 1 EMS ECU 2JZ-GTE (non-vvti) Plug and Play - £350
    Fully working with last map still loaded (was running a 2JZ, 62mm turbo, 725cc injectors, 1.5 bar boost 624HP) - ECU only (I believe you'd need a map sensor and boost solenoid to use).
  • (SOLD) Injector Dynamics ID725 725cc Top Feed Injectors (set of 6) + 2JZ loom plug n play connectors - £250 SOLD
    With purple hats for fuel rail and connectors to make Plug and Play into stock Supra 2JZ loom. High impedance. Not flow tested but working when removed from my Supra.
  • Bosch 044 Fuel Pump, fully working - £50
  • HKS DLI Twin Power Ignition Amplifier - £150
    Includes loom but isn't Plug and play. (Needs to be wired in). Apparently rare? and see them going for about £150 used. Happy to be corrected - just say!

Got these listed in a couple of places as haven't sold any Supra parts for a long while. Will try and prioritise forum first however.

More parts will be on soon too - just need to sort through what I have!







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Price reinstated as per forum rules. EMS sold (see edit history)
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  • leelbuk changed the title to Bosch 044 fuel pump, HKS DLI

Quick bump as a couple of items now sold. 

Prices reinstated by mods (thanks!) and have made sure to do the same going forward.

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