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Lee's 6 Spd Single, BEP S362 @ 1.7bar

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Just got car back this week - well chuffed with it!

Thanks to Jason Dyer @ Dyernostics for building the engine and to Paul and his team at Whifbitz for the Syvecs, injectors and tuning!


  • Engine Type - Single
  • Engine Spec - Forged bottom end with Manley pistons, race spec non-VVTI head with GSC springs and supertech valves, 264 Cams, FIC 1000cc injectors 
  • Turbo - Bullseye Power Billet Batmowheel S362 (unsure of a/r - will find out)
  • Fuel Used - Tesco 99
  • Exhaust - 3" Whifbitz Twin Box
  • Transmission - V160, Big diff
  • ECU - Syvecs S7i
  • Mapped By - Paul Whiffin
  • Dyno Used - Whifbitz
  • Power figure - 584 whp (~670 bhp),
  • Torque figure - 552 ft lb ( @ wheels)
  • Boost Pressure - 1.7bar


Lee Supra S362 1.7 bar, Dyno.png

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Grip not too bad really - quite progressive and manageable coming on the power overall but defintiely struggles with grip more compared to when it was running at 1.5 bar.

Having the Syvecs traction control is handy at dealing with it most of the time so far, especially whilst I'm getting used to the power! 

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Looks good man. I'll bet it brings many a smile to your face every time you drive it :)

Does anybody know what a 600hp Supra would trap in the standing quarter? (rough figure, i know the launch affects it etc, but let's say an average launch for the purpose of this question)

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