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Anyone know the owner and the car plz

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I've come across an ideal supra  but no service history and only 2 mot certificates since being in the UK, one in 2019 and the other in 2020. 

Apparently car was in storage for last 20 years and no other records etc etc that's what I've been told by the trader who took these pics with the chap, his name was Paul. 





GZ Aero top

 43k miles 

Any info on the car and owner would be much appreciated. 








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MOT history is available online since 2006, that's 13 years after the online register was launched to the first recorded MOT. To have no record until 2019 when the owner apparently had the vehicle to specifically not use it for over 20 years is highly unusual. There was a RHD red aerotop listed for sale in Spain a couple of years back for £15k and genuine factory original TT aeros are rare. I'd want a forensic look at the V5 and if its not still showing the 20 year owner and a purchase date in the early 90's then you can be pretty sure its a full of baloney ad. From there you can form your opinion on the mileage claim that is apparently backed by absolutely no evidence.

Why would anyone put mature owner, +20 years ownership into an ad. I'm a mature owner with 20+ years with my Supra but 20+ years ago I wasn't quite as mature. That is just a strange thing to throw in there.

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Very expensive, especially being an Auto. Granted it's got low miles but then no real paperwork to support it so that mileage could be anything.

As @rider has mentioned I would check the V5 & see dates of when it was first acquired etc. 

I'd personally hold out for a Supra with more paperwork & history. If it was £20k then it's worth taking a punt. But at that asking price your ideal Supra should come along, just have to be a bit more patient. 

People can make up anything these days, anything could have happened in them 20 years. 

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Any info worth sharing in case someone else stumbles on this thread?


It looks fairly nice in the pics and someone could easily fall for the 'sat in a heated garage for 10 years' story.

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2 hours ago, uzzyuzzy said:

Thanks to the forum I've got some useful information on the car so will not be pursuing it any further.

Appreciate all the input 👍.

So what did you find out?

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Looks clean and I'd love an aero personally, but 37k is uk spec tt6 money imo.

Maybe worth 30k at a push with a detailed history, but being that its from them dodgy dealers I'd also steer well clear knowing they probably squeezed the old boy and got it for 10k.

What was the info on it uzzy?

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ERR IGNORE ME SOLD IN 2010!?    I'm going to search because I was convinced it was not that long ago.....

HE DID BUY ANOTHER BUT SOLD THAT IN 2018, that was the one I was thinking about, as mint as they come.



uzzyuzzy     I would message/enquire/badger  supraGZaerotop  to see if he'll sell (or did he sell recently)

His car I saw many many moons ago as a fresh import in Magnum motors Farnborough and it was a grade 4 and low miles. I think it was still in great nick and GZ used a karcher chassis cleaner (how I found his username) and had pics somewhere. 

If you are willing to pay good money perhaps he could be persuaded?



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...so in conclusion, are we not interested in buying this car then? 

I was actually half tempted to offer the guy my S15 spec R widebody and K20 EG Civic for it 😅 with a view to my guesstimated actual value being around the 27/28k mark and leaving some margin on top for the guy to make money off my cars. But if the car isn't worth even that much, then sod it. NSX it shall be, later in the year perhaps.

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