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GReddy T88-34D / VVTi 6 Speed

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Engine Type - 2JZ-GTE VVTi 

Engine Spec - Relatively stock as far as I know; never been opened in my ownership and was modified in Japan pre-import.

Turbo - GReddy T88-34D

Fuel Used - Tesco 99

Exhaust - 4" downpipe/midpipe bolted to a Whifbitz 4" Titanium

Transmission - V161

ECU - HKS F-Con V Pro (unsure which exact variant)

Mapped By - Japan

Dyno Used - DJ-Autos (Aberdeen). Dyno Developments type, which I've been told is basically just a Dyno Dynamics

Power figure - 573.84bhp fly (corrected from 488.4WHP @5600rpm).

Torque figure - 544.32 lbf.ft / 737.37Nm (corrected from 463.3lbf.ft WTQ @5498rpm)

Boost Pressure - 1.5bar


NOTE: I've discussed the crossover point of horsepower/torque with the garage and it is just a scaling issue.

Curious as to the experiences with any different figures yielded from Dyno Dynamics vs Dynojet/Dynapack, as I've read a lot about the Dyno Dynamics being a "heartbreaker" and reading 15-20% lower than the others. If that was indeed the case then the 650-700bhp I was told the car had on purchase makes a bit more sense 😂

I've put up another post in relation to the weird readings of AFR (particularly at 4500rpm when the boost ramps up) as that is concerning to me. The lack of remap since purchase I believe to be a contributing factor, but also the unknowns (injectors, fuel pump etc.) don't help in my knowledge of what is going on. Definitely some stuff to be addressed!

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Thanks for posting - gosh the VVTi makes a nice difference when using this turbo. On the earlier 2jz motors, boost comes in noticeably later.

Yeah dyno dynamics will always read a lot lower than a dynapack. No biggie.  You're 12whp why of 500 to the wheels at only 1.5 bar....that's pretty good! I'm sure there will be some small room for improvement getting the AFR and timing dialled in over here, but it looks good man. Engine bay pics? That turbo can be run happily at 2 bar reliably.

I have a T88-34D set up for my car too, which I'm hoping to start the single turbo build towards the end of the Spring time. Can't wait man! Will be laggy as hell (non-VVT motor), I'm sure, but also super scary on boost probably too 😁


I have to ask...how comes the dyno operator let off at around 6000rpm though? I'd have thought it would have been tuned for 7500 - 8000, no...?

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Absolutely; the power seems alright at select points, however the swift drop-off was due to a limiter of sorts according to the operator. From what I can deduce, I think it would appear to be a fuel cut or similar - that'd tie up with the AFR as well I suppose! I've ordered some new plugs and will be giving it another tweak for another couple of runs tomorrow with a view to sussing where some of the issues are stemming from!

Ultimately, either a remap or a new ECU will be where I go from here - the Link Kurofune seems like a sensible option as it utilises the existing loom, with a Syvecs being a great option as well. Unsure as it stands which route I'll take.

The turbo may be good for 2bar, but without a built engine I won't be going near that! I know my luck and something will definitely go pop! 😆

As for bay pictures, here are a couple from a (semi) recent Fast Car shoot. :) 


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FML I do love the look of a single turbo Supra engine bay. When you go for your drive in the car next, please do a rough time of your 60-100mph pull please.

My aim is to sit at around 700hp on the stock motor and test out the hype of the 2jz being all holy n stuff, lol. If it breaks, then...well, i'll be sad for a while.


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2 hours ago, Burna said:

My advice is choose your mapper, and then fit what ECU he/she advises for your setup.

I would also agree with this - planning to discuss it with Romain and go from there. My understanding is that he is well versed in both, so I'll see what the consensus is and make a decision! 

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