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Strange starting issue Help & Advice Needed..2JZGTE

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Hey guys 

I bought a non runner mk4 Supra

Its was a NA that was converted to TT

Car only runs if i spray some fuel into the intake pipe by the throttle body, Once it gets going it runs totally fine and it switches off and starts back up like a normal car

If left overnight it does the same thing again...wont start until i spray fuel in intake pipe...

Fuel pump is working fine, I've even given it 12v direct and it makes no difference 

Previous owner who did the swap is clueless




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Clearly you have a fuel issue so I'd start with the fuel pump. It may be running but its the pressure and volume that is key to the correct amount of fuel being delivered. Lots of fuel pumps, especially the cheap Chinese efforts have plastic gears which don't last well under pressure. Top brands, when they are genuine, use metal gears. I'd start by checking the fuel delivery pressure, if I had a fuel pressure gauge to hand.

Low fuel pressure could cause you to be too lean to start from cold.

As a footnote, I did a writeup on how to spot and identify if you have a genuine or knock off fuel pump so thats somewhere on archive. The general principles apply to all makes though my writeup was specific to a Walbro pump

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Next time from cold try first   bridging +B and FP in the diag port in the engine bay (not sure if you need ignition on) you'll here the fuel running through do that for a few seconds and then try and fire it up.



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