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Help with NA-T Insurance.


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Been having a scan around for insurers for my NA-T when its built, but not sure on what to declare when telling them the mod list. For instance; on price comparison websites, 'turbocharging' an NA car is a blanket term - in theory you cant just turbocharge a car you need a multitude of other pieces like exhaust, intercooler etc... Could I just 'assume' turbocharging covers a full na-t kit for instance?

No doubt i'll be insuring my car correctly, but Adrian Flux quoted me £2400 in march - at which point I'll be 22 with 2 years no claims. I do have a theft claim from 2019 which resulted in the car being wrote off, not the best but nothing I can do about it.

I was insured last year for £700 when the car was NA, and a TT would have cost me £800.

Any recommendations for insurers? Adrian Flux doesn't seem to promising.

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