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Blitz techno speeds

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18x10et22 and 18x10.5et15 fit over uk brakes plus room for bigger :)Ok i think i want to do this as i think i want 19s or 18s with a step lip so if anyones up for a swaps ill take any 3 piece wheels 17s that i will turn in to 18,18 or 19s :) these have been fully rebuilt all new gold hardware,centers where blasted and are painted in ford machine, new rear lips measuring 5.5 inch and fronts are genuine blitz ones in a 4.25, all sealed up with auto finnese ceramic coat, been on the car a few months obviously they are mint,looking for £2200 can be had with the tyres i think there great but each to there own there accelera track tyres 265 35 on the front 285 35 on the rear, now for best bit the pictures 





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