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Caffeine and Machine Rescheduled Meet - Sunday 18th October 9.30am until 12pm

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Hi all;


New thread for the Caffeine and Machine Meet which was originally planned for April but cancelled due to Corona.


We have a new date being Sunday 18th October 9.30am until 12pm.


ALL tickets purchased for that event will be usable against this event.


If you are unsure then drop their events team an email to ensure they have changed it for you. If you cant make the event then also drop them an email and reschedule for a week you could return yourself, or ask for a refund.


If any of you want a ticket to this event, again, drop the Caffeine and Machine events team an email specificying it is for this Supra meet. I will post a link up as soon as it is sorted by them to purchase online.


List of people that were booked on previously as follows, if any of you know these people personally I'd appreciate you letting them know; I will be making my way through the list ASAP.


1. Crossy


2. Spunkmeyer


3. Sheefa


4. m12aak


5. Delboy52


6. nolizma


7. Foxx


8. JordieMotive


9. Hughdahellru


10. Connor (via Messenger)


11. Dom/Corrupt Saphire


12. Ashley Whitsey (via Facebook)


13. Paul Hogarth (via Facebook)


14. Shane Hogarth (via Facebook)


15. Luke Adam (via Facebook)

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That's the way to do it! Thanks for putting the info up mate.


If anyone knows any of the people on the 1st post on a personal level would you mind dropping them a message letting them know about the rescheduling of this event, worried a lot of people aren't seeing this info!

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Evening, I'm still planning on coming along, although I've not had any emails for the ticket reschedule. Should I drop their events team an email to confirm or will my existing one still work?


Apologies in advance if I'm being thick!:imsorry:



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Hi all,


I dropped them a message through their contact form and they've formally transferred my previous ticket to this Sunday so I've got an updated ticket/QR code through Eventbrite. It might be a good idea for anyone who hasn't had an updated ticket already to drop them a quick message and get it transferred over, just in case.



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We will be there, Paul sorted the tickets via facebook I believe. Was hoping to have my Weds back from refurbishing for Sunday but no way that's happening in time now, so mine will still be on the scabby wheels and tyres, but we will be there.

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