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Master warning light. ?

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My Master Warning light triangle, red light with an exclamation mark has appeared at the top side of the rev counter. All the other symbols state exactly what they are, battery, oil etc, this warning just states Master, so does it mean you need a full service? also does anyone know how to remove it? Herbie.



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If you have the active front spoiler and there's a problem with it not coming down at 55/60mph then the red light will also come on. Also the spoiler button with flash green

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Thanks guys brake fluid full to the brim, everything on car working, no auto spoiler fitted, tried unplugging brake fluid connection,engine etc spot on, LIGHT still on?

Dunk, Is your post how to turn the light off?, if so, i am not sure what i actually do? I often vacate the car with the hand brake on and as i say the brake fluid is brimming? Herbie.

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When you turn on you ignition, check all the other warning lights (oil can etc) illuminate as when one of them comes on so does the master warning light (as well as just coming on on it's own for the reasons Dnk mentioned).


So if you have a dry solder joint in the low oil level for example that light won't come on "ignition on", so while the low level sensor will still be working, and will send a signal to illuminate the light it won't come on but the master light still would.


Both left and right side dash have these lights and some not used, a powerful torch will allow you to see what the symbols are if they don't light up.

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I agree the logic in checking the fault codes my Garage does this on my Merc using "STAR", i will ask him if he has the connector plug for my car, this will be after i have done more investigation from some of the well received posts.


As per the link in my previous post, all you need is a piece of wire or paperclip. Really is very quick and easy to do yourself :)

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I have checked the Dunk and Scooter items and the only thing i can find is there is only five symbols showing in the LED read out, i am assuming there should be six? if there are six, then the left hand side is not lit up, with a powerful torch as Scooter suggested i can vaguely see a symbol, but not 100% sure, i am sure Dunk / Scooter, or Noz will tell me.

The warning light is just a nuiscence to me, as my oil level, water running temperature are OK, and everything is working well.

I would like to know what you would do, apart from sticking a piece of PVC tape over the light. lol. I am still waiting for my Garage guy to see if he has the diagnostics, at this stage i do not fancy shorting out the two contact pins in the diag. socket, and counting the beeps, i will do it if all else fails.

Thanks for the help so far.

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Does your engine malfunction light (looks like a small orange engine) work OK? As Scooter suggested, check it works when the ingition is in 2nd position. You'll need this light to be working, to be able to read off error codes.

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OK just to close this thread following a repair i carried out on the RHS symbols warning lights, i stripped down the module and accessed the tiny wireing connection pins, re-soldered all the pins and all the three symbols lit up. This gave me five lights on the LHS of my dashboard and the three new lights on the RHS, and the master red triangle warning light went out along with the other eight lights, job done.

:)LHS.SYM.LTS.jpg (236.3 KB)

RHS.SYMB.LTS..jpg (350.9 KB)

RED.TRIANGLE..jpg (255.6 KB)

AFR.GUAGE.jpg (330.4 KB)





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