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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

The Fairmile Pub Meet 12/07/2020


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Hi all,


Just putting the feelers out there to see if anyone from the mkiv supra owners club would be interested in the aforementioned meet.


For those of you who don't know The Fairmile, it's a big pub with a huge green out front that we can park on.

There's the usual tables outside to you can eat & drink whilst keeping an eye on your beloved (Supra obviously).

It's only five minutes from J10 of the M25 so can be easily got to from the M4 / M3 / M25.


Planning to meet at Clacketts Services at 11am Sunday morning and convoy down to the Fairmile Pub located in Cobham, KT11 1BW For (hopefully) midday. I have booked tables for drinks, lunch etc for 8+ people so more the merrier!


I want to call the Fairmile later today to ensure they are open and that they can accommodate the cars and people. From my previous mkiv supra days this was always fine with ample parking and no issues whatsoever.


Drop a message on here if interested . I believe there will be a mix of cars so far from RS3s, A45s, Supras, GTRs etc




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Given the number of pubs that are closing again due to Corona virus outbreaks just days after re-opening, I'm not sure trying to organise such an event right now is advisable. If anyone wishes to attend then remember you do so at your own risk. Stay safe people.

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Hi Mawby,


Thats noted, normal precautions to be observed (ie social distancing of 2m). Furthermore the space we will be occupying is outdoors (rather than all sitting around a table indoors) - this should greatly minimise contracting any virus’ if present.


Further precautions would be wearing masks and carrying hand sanitizer but if correct social distancing is demonstrated this shouldnt be a necessity. Obviously persons showing symptoms, or even coughing and sneezing, should not attend - I believe from the research provided by the Gov the virus is spread via droplets, therefore asymptotic persons would be highly difficult to contract the virus from - nonetheless it will require people who attend to be vigilant.

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