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My Supra - Progress so far, next steps and build thread

Peter P

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Hey Folks,


Had some more update photos today from Matt.


Front bumper had its final coat of primer and the passenger door now in primer as well. Think these look great and really can’t wait to see this start coming together and getting some paint. :)




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Glad to see some updates Peter :thumbs: definitely a thread I’ll be keeping an eye on when I can


Thanks Alex. :thumbs:


Every photo and bit of progress is one step closer to getting the car finished and back to me. Really can’t wait to see it all come together as everything I’m seeing from Matt / M H Bodywork has been first class. Should be a beauty when all is said and done. :)


How’s you? Been buying any new toys since you sold your Supra?

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Hey All,


So few more progress photos this week from Matt / M H Bodywork. Looks like the passenger side is coming together nicely now after the guys stripped the 8 or so coats of paint off the rear quarter panel (same deal with the door as I posted previously!).The blending of the side skirts are rear quarter spats also looks great. :cool:


Think things are coming along rather nicely. :)




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Nice progress. Scary when it first gets taken to pieces but exciting to se it coming back together. Looking forward to seeing this progress.


Thank you mate. :thumbs:


Guess it’s a bit like when you gut a house and rebuild it, the foundations are now in good shape so every step from here forward should have it coming together again nicely. Does scare me seeing it back to bare metal, but knowing the finish and quality of work Matt does, should be epic when it’s all done. :)

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Morning All,

First off great work by the mods getting the new forum up and running, my photos are all now working and I personally love the new look. :thumbs:

Here are a couple more photos of the rear passenger side quarter, which Matt has expertly shaped and blended with the Ridox kit. I’m really pleased with the workmanship and skills going in to the car, think it’s shaping up to look incredible. :cool:

More updates will follow soon hopefully. Good weekend all. 






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Hey Folks.

Had another update today from Matt at M H Bodywork. He’s finished fixing up the terrible work he discovered under the badly repaired drivers side rear quarter panel. New panel is now in place and primed. Think it’s looking great. 👍

In other news we are going with a different colour given this will now be a full respray. Updates to follow. 








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1 hour ago, Supraleeturbo said:

Hey Peter, loving the updates 


may I ask who’s doing your paint work please 

Hello mate, glad you’re enjoying the updates. :)

Sure, paintwork and body repairs are being done by Matt at M H Bodywork in Rochester. He’s brilliant as you can see, doesn’t rush or cut corners, but the wait is worth it as I know the car will come out looking awesome! 👍



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Afternoon All,

Had some good progress on my build, Matt has been busy giving the car some love and attention, shell is now fully primed and ready to go. Should be seeing some paint very soon which is brilliant news! :) 

In other news I have ordered my new wheels which are being made over in Japan, order is placed so hopefully those turn up fairly soon. My new tyres are also here and ready to go on the new wheels when they arrive.

My carbon headlight inserts from Paul/Whifbitz also arrived and I’m waiting for my facelift headlight rings from Noz which I plan to get painted and then send the lot over to Harry Moore for some love and hopefully some halo’s to match my rear units he did. 

Got another big order coming from Paul/Whifbitz involving lots more carbon goodies, so looking forward to seeing those soon as well. 

More updates to follow. 👍

Cheers all,


Pete :) 









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Afternoon All. So I mentioned in my last update I ordered some more goodies for the build from Paul/Garage Whifbitz. Nice big box arrived today! :cool:

Excuse the photos which I had to take in a hurry so I could get everything out to my garage before I upset the Missus too much! Lol. 

Goodies in this order: carbon scuttle panel and new rear seal, carbon glovebox lid, carbon lower glovebox, carbon bonnet lifters (one of mine was damaged by my alarm sensor, so replacing it), Carbing rear strut brace to match the front and carbon inner door handles.

Added a cheeky shot of my new tyres as well. These are MIchelin PS2’s that will be going on my Work Meister S1 3-piece custom wheels when they arrive. 

Last item I am waiting on from Paul/Garage Whifbitz is a set of their carbon inner door sills which are out of stock, but I’ve paid for a set when they are ready (8-10 weeks approx).

Got quite the collection of parts piling up in my garage now, hopefully not long till I can start fitting them! :) 








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6 hours ago, Krimi said:

Wow!! Didn’t see your project till now Peter! Awesome work there, dedication and attention to detail! Keep up with the good work.

Thanks Krimi, means a lot mate. :) 

Hopefully see some paint going on this week, can’t wait! 👍




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