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How much was your most recent Supra Insurace ?


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£340 with Admiral for a NA5 import with mods (18s, exhaust, coilovers) declared but not covered for replacement.


12k annual mileage, 2k business, kept on a driveway in an crap postcode (central Blackpool), postcode is that bad Sky wouldn't even quote!


I'm 31, no points, with 5yrs NCB





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This year i got a 50% discount from Adrian flux, (just renewed about 2 weeks ago. )

I complained that the the policy was near useless for months, given that for all intensive purposes I couldn't legally drive the car, they agreed --> discount.


I got this even though most insurance companies wont talk to me, and those that do charge me a fortune.

I may have a long and pristine driving history, am middle aged, have zero claims, live in a decent postcode, and low mod levels on the car, yet it seems insurers cant stand the simple idea of someone having having lengthy Australian driving experience.

... Although thinking back about Aussie drivers ..... they may have a point:rlol:


I just left AF as they wouldn't budge on my renewal, god knows how you got 50% off

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A Plan Thatcham


£271 NA all mods on, track use so 3k limit and driveway. Mirrored NCD to main car at 9yrs+ no history


£130 TT BPU all mods on, laid up cover garaged. Mirrored NCD to main car at 9yrs+ no history


Main Car is ~£400ish 10k limit




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