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1994 GZ Aerotop TT


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Here for sale is my 1994 GZ Aerotop TT.

I’ve owned this car since 2005, it’s never been crashed, never broke down.

Car has failed the MOT twice since 2005. 1st time for a headlight bulb, 2nd time the garage wasn’t happy that my fog light switch wasn’t obvious… (didn't see a smiley for bell**ds).


The car has 140.000 miles on the clock 65,000 by myself.


3 previous UK owners between 1998 & 2005.



Mines ECU

Blitz Nurspec exhaust

Defi Boost & EGT gauges

Whifbitz FMIC

Trial replica rear bumper

Do Luck replica front bumper

Three piece part carbon rear spoiler

Infinite speakers

Eonon Android double din stereo

Golpher full alloy radiator

Apexi air intake

Rota Fighter alloys (8.5 & 9.5)

Gloss black dash

Pearl red exterior paint

Toyota big brakes front and rear(discs, pads and rear calipers were bought new not long ago).


Additional Items available (Negotiable).

Original front and rear bumper

Original rear spoiler

Original stereo

Original air box and piping

Zunsport grills for the front bumper

Do Luck replica fiberglass side skirts


Price. £20,000


Any questions, feel free to ask.














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Added boot and engine pics. (see edit history)
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Sadly think the current covid 19 situation means people capable of buying may not necessarily feel they have job security to spend their money.


Espcially giving multiple countries are going into lock down. With Portugal even having a Marshall law in force. Cant do much for car buying enthusiasts sitting on a pot of security.


All being said. Your car looks f-ing awesome mate!

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