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So my supra is with littlenum, @performancehart and has had a full underbody restoration, I wanted some little engine work done also, but I couldn’t resist building the engine, going fully forged. It was also recommended as we got deep into the engine anyway. It’s a pretty impressive spec list which we’ve decided on.


This build will all be revealed in a progress build thread documenting all the steps from the moment I got the car, making a dream come true, and the moment James took the car in, and up until the current date.


Got a little bit more to do before I start a project thread, few more parts on way from at Tim @TBdevelopments.


Want it to be a nice thread with plenty of pictures and details etc, so that’s to come over the next month or so when I get plenty of picture ready of parts and James steps taken.


For now a few little teaser pics of a snail, Simba seems to like it! :)







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Some more goodies arrived today, 4” funk motorsport turbo filter and carbon housing jacket

Well down-pipe is nearly finished.    unfortunately the 4” wouldn’t fit so had to go 3” until we cleared the manifold.    Bit annoyed about that but it’s the way it is, hopefully it won’

Yeap fingers crossed mate. Hopefully should all work as planned 

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So finally I can reveal the full (very detailed) complete spec of my supra. Took a long time and lots of discussions with numerous people, but here it is for all to see. Still got a few parts (TBC) because of covid19 slowing things down.


Please enjoy the read!




Model: SUPRA.

Milage: 52k mile chassis.

Body: JZA80.

Colour: 040.

Engine: 2JZGTE.

Grade: RZ.

Drive: FR (front engine, rear drive)

Year: 1995.

Transmission: MTM.

Fuel: Unleaded 99 super + Ethanol.

Keys: 3 originals with pouch.


Alarm system-

Cat 1.

Clifford G5 concept 650 MKIII.

Proximity sensors.

2 cut immobiliser (ignition & starter)

G5 vehicle tracker.



Engine Management & Sensors:

Syvecs S6GP ECU.

Toucan Touchscreen Gauge.

Syvecs Map Sensor.

Syvecs S6 to 2JZ Loom Adapter.

Wideband Knock Sensor.

Wideband Lambda.

Boost Solenoid for Syvecs.

Oil Temperature for Syvecs.

Oil Pressure sensor for Syvecs.

Fuel pressure sensor for Syvecs.

Traction Cal switch for Syvecs.

Power cut off switch.



CAl switch with 12 positions.

A combination of different boost levels.

Launch on/ff.

TC on/off.

ALS on/off.

Ethanol map.

Road fuel map on varying cal positions.



Turbo setup-

New DBB PT6766, fully rebuilt with uprated billet wheel and new exhaust turbine.

New 4” intake K&N turbo filter.

Walton T4 tubular manifold.

Twin comp 40mm wastegates & twin screamers.

HKS dump valve.

New 3” hand built TB developments downpipe/mid pipe.

New 4” whifbitz cat back.



New fuel injector clinic 1000cc injectors + pigtails.

New fuel injector -6an clinic rail kit.

New Teflon braided fuel lines -8an 2X -6an.

new -6an Bosch fuel filter.

New Aeromotive A1000 fpr + aeromotive pressure gauge.

New continental Flex fuel sensor.

Stock hanger with twin GST450-KL Walbro 450lph Competition Pumps. E85/Flex fuel application


Repainted ported Head -

Professional skim.

New manifold nut & bolt kit.

New ARP 8740 head stud kit.

Ported exhaust side.

3 angle cut valves.

Shim gapped, New Bc Stage 2 - 264 camshafts.

New Bc spring/titanium retainer kit.

New Grade 8 spark plugs.

New denso 673-1200 coil pack. (TBC)

New Toyota coil clips.


Repainted forged Block-

Professional Honing and skim.

Balanced micro Polished crankshaft.

New Balanced Manley H-tuff 625+ conrods.

New Balanced Manley turbo tuff extreme duty pistons + extreme wrist pins.

86.5mm 9.0:1.

New King race pMax main and conrod kit with thrusts.

Arp 8740 main stud kit.

Tomei 194009 Type-R baffled sump kit.

(Millers cfs NT+ race 10w60 engine oil)


New Toyota full gasket and seals kit.


Full gates vacuum hose replacement.



TRD oil filler cap.

New Trd thermostat.

Blitz radiator cap.

Koyorad radiator.

New silicone radiator hoses.

RED Toyota coolant.

SRD cooling plate.

Greedy intercooler.

New TB developments 3” intercooler pipes.

SRD Oil and power steering mocal coolers.

New Toyota oil pump.

New Toyota water pump.

New gates racing cam belt kit.

New Adjustable pulleys + 12.9 high tensile bolts.

Clear cam cover.

New Billet tensioner.

Welded Toyota sprocket.

Toyota crank pulley.

New Toyota pulley tensioner.

New dayco pulley belt.

New gates vacuum pipes.

AC removed.

SRD battery-boot relocation.

Washer fluid relocation.

New exide battery.



Freshly painted V160 Gearbox.

New Toyota V160 gear oil.

New Toyota shifter bushes.

New Balanced Stage 3+ spec clutch kit.

New input & release bearings.

Stock Toyota duel mass flywheel.



SRD Heavy Duty Steel prop-shaft. (TBC)

TRD LSD in small auto casing.

Millers CRX LS 75W/140N



Nitron R1 race 1way coilovers + eibach springs - Fully serviced.

TRD sway bar sets.

Quick steering rack.

Rose jointed toe rods.



Millers 300+ Fluid.

UK spec callipers fully rebuilt + powder coated.

Brembo brake discs.

Yellow stuff front & rear pads.

Goodrich braided lines.



New Toyota wheel bolts.

Supra UK spec wheels freshly powder coated.

Direnza 30mm front spacers.

Direnza 25mm rear spacers.

285/40/17 Bridgestone rear.

245/40/17 Bridgestone front.



Stock look.

Original 040 super white.

Facelift rear lights.

Facelift front lights (TBC)

Bare metal 040 respray (TBC)



Complete bare metal restoration.

Full inspection.

Full corrosion prevention.

Full upol raptor coatings.

Cavity wax injections.

Undercarriage bolts zinc coated.

New suspension Bushes.

Subframes & arms powder coated.

New wheel bearing (rear)



Standard full leather interior.

Black dyed floor carpets. (TBC)

Kenwood DNX-7170 Satnav stereo.

2X Under seat nakamichi active subs.

Jl audio front and rear speakers.

Full Auto-mute sound deadening. (TBC)


Parts supplied - TBDev, SRD, WhifBitz, [email protected], Walton, Toyota.


Built James Hart, [email protected]


Tuning by Romain @Racecal (TBC)


Agreed value (TBC)


Sponsors (TBC)







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So it’s March 2017 and these are the first photos I got of the supra, thought I should start from the beginning.


Alex the previous owner sent her on the trailer I booked, down to srd to have a mot test, and full check over.


Srd did the vehicle checks and all passed, then a pre mot check was done, it needed a few bits, so they wired in a fog light, done a full geo setup, replaced a spilt vac hose, secured rear battery, changed engine oil and filter as I requested, and fixed the non working horn wire.


It failed the mot, Rose track joints had play and abs light was on.


So srd checked this and the abs light wasn’t plugged in so plugged that in and put new rose track joints on and she passed.


Minor advisories were for jacking point damage, the usual bent jacking points, and a second advisory for a slightly binding brake calliper.





Quick few pics a friend took on my journey home from srd. On my way home I noticed it was holding back and backfiring at 4K revs was a bit confused by that.





Seems that after going through every possible scenario, including the Syvecs ecu, it was a faulty fuel pump so got a new walbro 450 in there and ran perfect.


Gave her a good well deserved clean up after that.







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James checked them car over did a new mot on the car just after she arrived there and passed with flying colours.

So I started buying parts for the work James was undertaking, changed my mind on the parts/build a few time’s over the course of time James has had the supra but things had to be right and now we are set to build a nice supra!













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James started stripping the engine ready for the build, manifold bolts stripped so had to get a new set.


Other than that James said the engine and internals were very good condition. Only being 50k miles you’d expect so anyway.


So James is now stripping it all ready for machining and forged internals etc in the next few weeks



















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The underneath of the supra prior to all the treatment was spot on, no corrosion at all, all cavity’s were checked etc, but it’s something I wanted done to protect into the future anyway, our uk weather and roads are shocking so it had to be done.


As your see the underneath was perfect before and even better after!


James removed all components, deep cleaned the underside, removed all surface dirt, grit/dust etc and any degraded under-seal.

She was then dried out for 48hours, and moisture tested.

Which is most important part to stop present moisture as any moisture left deems the future protection useless.


Some pics!




















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