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Banzai Rally 2020 - Peaks to Pennines!


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The Banzai Rally - Peaks to Pennines




Banzai Rally is open to all Japanese makes and models of cars and is booked on a first come first served basis. Numbers are restricted to 25 Teams. Once the rally is full we cannot accept anymore. No exception.


Price is just £350 per person - two people per car, no maximum.


Single occupancy rooms - £420



• Japfest Tickets and Banzai Rally Club Stand

• Official Japfest Merchandise

• Swag Bag with Official Banzai Rally T-Shirt

• Vehicle Sticker Pack

• 3 Nights Quality Accommodation

• Secure Parking

• Hearty Breakfasts

• Three Friendly Support Vehicles

• Team Packs and Partner Giveaways

• Last Night Awards with dinner

• Big prizes



The Banzai Rally is an epic road trip for like minded individuals who appreciate Japanese motors and love adventure.


For JUNE 2019 ONLY we will offer all sign ups the opportunity to pay £100 deposit by the end of this month followed by five monthly payments of £50. This offer will not be extended.


Once registered you will be contacted by a member of the Banzai team for payment. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or Paypal.


Sign up today for the star of your next adventure!

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I am in no way connected to this rally, but as someone who went on it in 2018 and 2019 I would 120% recommend it! There's videos and photos on the site/Instagram illustrate it better than any words I can write on here..


Me and my co-pilot girlfriend had a great time, the roads that are routed out are just unbelievable and everyone on the rally got on with each other. Me and my Supra are looking forward to next year! The views, the 5* accommodation, the photos and prizes everyone got aswell! Worth every penny!

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This was my first rally and what an experience! Three days of scenic driving through well thought out and tested roads with like minded people. Each lunch stop had been pre-arranged so the cars have a prime location to stop at, each hotel carefully selected to be different from the usual and again cater for our cars very well. We were well looked after ;) Finishing up at Japfest in a convoy of Japanese cars.


Highly recommended to give it a go :)



We had a photography crew riding with us the whole time so a great opportunity to get some nice pics of your own car and with others.






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