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a couple new supras breaking.... tt auto jap and a uk spec

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Hi Keron


Do you have any pre facelift engine mounts and mounting arms? Changed my facelift ones for new 9 years ago and guess what they are starting to fail again which I suppose is about the right timeframe


yes I have a full set avail.... pm me


I guess I'll take a pair of radiator brackets as well, since they're already circled in this photo:




hi Kaz, I have the brackets no problem. the bonnet cable I have new only, the catches I need to check for.


Do you have a UK Speedo? If so how much Posted?


full uk cluster £300 plus postage

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Have you had any of my messages ?




hi mate, sorry ive been off for about a week. got laryngitis/flu. back in now so will check.


What sort of price would you be after for the defi gauge pillar pod if you've still got it Keron?


yes I have it all, going to list some bits today actually. I have that pod with 2 defi gauges, boost and exh temp and the link meter..... prob will go up for about 300 the lot delivered.


You still have the side skirts? No damage? How much?


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sorry I don't have any side skirt

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Do you have an auto shifter knob and any headlights? Also uk tail lights?


yes I have all those parts. I have new facelift lights or some used uk glass lights that need a refurb

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Is the red one a proper UK ? If so can you send me the details for the register please.


yes mate, I sent the details in one of the lists I sent you a few weeks ago ;) p626

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Hello Keron. Can you pm me a price on the drive shaft from the auto UK one please. Let me know if it is still available please.


hi, the propshaft? or the 2 rear drive shafts?

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Keron, do you have any A/C compressors for a 95 JDM TT Supra that were known to work prior to being removed?


Mines siezed and needs replacing, looking at new/used options






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