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"Delan's" Supra story and project


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Hi All!

Been a while since i posted here...

I started to do jobs on my supra and replaced as advised.

Timing belt + idler, water pump, thermostat, crank pulley, auxiliary belt - all genuine toyota parts, and all at Extreme Performance done by@keron

He also inspected the car throughout and said it is a general good condition. 

Next up, there is a BPU in place but not done properly and some parts are missing, perhaps they removed them in Japan when the car have gone to an auction.

So i will be fitting a decat pipes and i think i have made my mind up to use https://www.tbdevelopments.com/ their system is made in 316L Marine grade stainless steel, tig welded, it looks amazing anyway: https://www.tbdevelopments.com/products/first-decat?variant=30210371747923

Brake callipers needs attention as they are binding on the front. 

Front brake discs will be replaced when the issue is sorted.

I am also missing a FCD - looks like it was there before the auction sale, greedy Japanese guys removed it to save some pennies or YEN... LOL

The driver seat is tiny, again the Jap guy was really small or just chocked anything to save on YENs. In fact now i am in a need to buy a decent front seats and i have no idea what to put in, especially that i wish to have the genuine Toyota seats, but they are like unicorns these days... I wish you could give me some recommendations. I can consider anything 



WhatsApp Image 2022-03-10 at 16.13.35.jpeg

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You never know quite what happened to these cars in Japan. My car, that I purchased in 1998, looks totally original under the bonnet aside from a snorting Blitz blow off valve but of the 6 cars I looked at, this one being the 6th, it was by no small distance the quickest. The acceleration was totally different to the others. The car had and still has the two cats fitted and it tipped the dyno at well North of the new car spec at the drive wheels. So, I never felt the need to decat my car, there are no restrictor rings fitted and whatever magic dust was sprinkled on the engine in the factory or in its first 2 years in Japan has proved to be completely reliable. 

You do also have potential issues with MOT's under the new regulations that cats are required on these cars due to their being a standard factory fitment.

SRD do a really well priced refurb service on brakes if you don't fancy rebuilding them yourself.

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3 minutes ago, rider said:

had and still has the two cats fitted and it tipped the dyno at well North

Hi Rider, have you ever thought to remove the cat pipes and check if the Catalytic converter internals are actually existent?

It sounds weird and physically incorrect to me that it is so quick despite having them in.

8 minutes ago, rider said:

SRD do a really well priced refurb service on brakes if you don't fancy rebuilding them yourself.

Calipers are not a challenge to me and i like to tinker 🙂



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I replaced both cats with shinier ones taken off a car that went single. Both cats before and after are the pre-facelift versions so they have internals. The facelift second cat has always been an empty space.

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Hi @Foxx

Definitely up to it, what place do you think of? I live near Fosse Park - maybe on the ASDA parking ??? 🙂

Mine is in bits at the moment as i am refurbing the brake calipers, but should be good in next week or so.

Need to fit my newly arrived decat pipes from TB Development.

Genuine front seats found, purchased and already fitted. I only need to fit a HKS FCD and find out how to restrict the boost on the bloody HKS EVC boost controller which is such a confusing device when it comes to setting it up.

And in general i should be good to go!




TB Development Decat pipes vvti.jpg


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  • fullrespect changed the title to "Delan's" Supra story and project
  • 4 weeks later...

Hi again,

in recent weeks the weather allowed me to do a bit on my Supra and finally sorted all issues.

  • Brake calipers restoration finished all way round
  • Front brake discs + pads replaced with new genuine toyota
  • New brake flexy hoses (stainless steel braided GOODRIDGE) all way round
  • Some minor surface corrosion removed and protected
  • HKS Fuel Cut Defender - fitted (and works perfect)
  • De-cat fitted
  • Tein's Removed and Brand new Bilstein B6 + Eibach Pro Kit springs fitted at the back only (awaiting for the fronts as they are all out of stock now)
  • HKS boost controller sorted - finally learned how to use that thing properly

At the moment i allowed myself to run 1.1 Bar boost and damn - this thing is already fast! It feels soo nice when it pulls all the way! Amazing car!

Dyno soon!


Note to the Admins: could you please move this topic to a project section? I did not realize it will turn from a HELLO post to a story telling 🙂 Thanks!






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Hi, I really like the work you do 👍 only one thing I dont like is color of calipers 😆 i was playing with the idea of using VHT anodized purple on my jcpec, but I decided to use good old semi matt black at the end, to be as close as possible to oem. 

Anyway, you take very good care about it and do not be shy to post more photos of your beauty ☺️😋






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