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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

JAE Club stand, August 31st - 2nd September 2018

Al Massey

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Right, since JAE is going to be low key, there will be no charge for club tickets.

We will have the marquee and power and I’ll bring a few beer fridges to keep things cold but we won’t be able to buy loads of food like we usually do and it’s not fair to charge everyone that does come £35 for what we will have this time round.


So, you will have to bring your own food and drink or get it there.


We do have £200 from sky for our drinks fund so there will be some drinks and I’ll grab loads of snacks etc.


Just waiting to hear back from Wile if he is coming as he has all the cooking equipment.


For those that have already purchased tickets, refunds will be given, I’ll try and arrange that as soon as possible.


But please, still let me know via here or message if you’re coming so we can get a list.


If you’ve got any friends that want to come along, even if they don’t own a supra that is fine with me.


If people are up for it, we could get a kitty going for a BBQ on the Saturday night?

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I've got a couple of mates with evos and rx7s are they okay to join us??


Yes, that is fine with me.

If they are ok with chipping in £5 each, that way they can use our facilities that the club has provided so it wont disenfranchise our club members.

Otherwise I will have to be strict on the use of the electricity and marquee etc.

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I'll be there too, Al do I buy ticket from club page or through JAE site mate? Also, might not be able to bring Supra as it's still in pieces, will come in either Suzuki or Mitsubishi ASX
Konrad you have until the 22nd August to get your JAE ticket at the reduced prices. I wouldn't worry about getting a club ticket as I think we will sort that out over the weekend.



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Sunday probably not a good day as people packing up and some leave early but there are activities on site still going on but it’s a chance you take I guess.



/QUOTE]Friday or Saturday are the best days. Thursday and Sunday are setting up and clearing down days.


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