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Hi guys,

My knowledge about all this stuff is quite limited to this day, so sorry if I may sound like I talk nonsense.

So I bought my supra around 3 months ago, it was non turbo manual, however car was included with turbo kit (Intercooler was already on car, I think it is xs power), xs power manifold, wastegate (brand unknown, probably from xs as well, previous owner couldn't confirm brand/model), turbo (chinese gt45r) that came up with the kit was way too big, with exhaust side 132 A/R, so I bought this one (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/T66-GT35-T4-T04Z-TO4Z-a-r-70-anti-surge-a-r-68-oil-cooled-Journal-bearing-turbo-/252700918321) instead, which is more suitable for my power, emanage ultimate ecu, injectors and pump still stock, rocketdog clutch.

Whole turbo conversion was done dr_jekyll (Craig) and he did awesome job, would recommend him with anything related na-t supras.

Been driving my car for a month after conversion and no problems whatsoever, feels like stock just with more power.

I decided to go on dyno yesterday and my car made 331hp at the crank and 330FtLb which I am happy with.

However, as I was told my car was remmaped to go on 99 ron fuel, but it is 1 hour drive from my place to get one, so I am running 97 ron fuel, and dyno was done with 97 ron fuel.

By putting 99 ron fuel should I expect bigger numbers?

and one more thing, air:fuel ratio graph is quite strange, my mapper said something about fueling after 5.5k rpm, but my thoughts are a/r readings are taken from exhaust right? so if I'm running screamer pipe not to exhaust but to atmosphere, that has some effect on a/r reading from dyno?



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