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Engine Type


  • JDM TT 2JZGTE VVTI Supra Engine


Engine Spec

  • Stock, unopened



  • Stock Jspec's running in TTC




  • Walbro 255 @ 13.5v
  • AN6 Fuel Lines. Fuel pulsation dampener bypassed
  • AEM Universal Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Injector Dynamics 1050x Injectors + Top Feed Fuel Rail
  • Custom 3'' downpipe back exhaust
  • Superspark Ignition Coils (Wasted Spark setup)
  • Whifbitz 4'' Intercooler Kit
  • HKS Air Filter
  • Oil cooler
  • 3 Port boost solenoid


Fuel Used

  • Tesco 99
  • AFR target of 11.5 whilst boosting.



  • R154
  • Power run performed in 4th gear



  • Link Extreme Wire In ECU
  • VVTI system tuned
  • Factory e-throttle system tuned
  • Traction control tuned



Dyno Used

  • DD @ Hidden Performance


Power figure

  • Recorded 370 rwhp, dyno estimated 435hp at flywheel.
  • 450 Ft.lbs estimated of torque @ flywheel


Boost Pressure


  • Peaks at 1.2 Bar, tapers between 1-1.1Bar after.




  • This Supra is planned to be a track car. Map is fairly conservative with timing to see how it reacts whilst being hammered on the track and getting hot.
  • Further power gains expected to be had once data from track has been recorded. Hopefully the twins last through the ordeal :p





2JZ VVTI.jpg


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