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Greddy Emanage Blue New Complete Kit

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Hi Guys,


For sale I have a brand new Greddy Emanage Blue its never been used I brought this for my NA-T project but that has taken a back step at the moment so Im selling some of the stuff I brought.


This is a complete kit it includes the Ignition harness, Injector Harness, Map sensor, Map sensor loom, Support Tool and Emanage Blue.


Price: £280 delivered via special delivery.


Thanks for looking.















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Yep, this


Spliced, It's common practice to splice the EMB to a fields harness that that has the plug and play connectors to act as an extension between the OEM loom and the ecu.



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Will this work on a TT auto? Would have thought being a piggyback it should not interfere too much? Interested if so.


Ive got someone interested in it at the moment so Im just awaiting on them, however to answer your question yes it would work with a TT Auto.

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