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Show me you bpu engine bays

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Looking for ideas. I will go bpu in 2018, and would like to get the engine bay in showcar condition.


- Polished

- Chrome

- Powdercoated

- Carbon


Show me what you've got. Bpu/stock twin only please :)



Edit: Please fix the spelling error in the title. Typing on my phone xd


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is this what you are looking for? :D


I only put this up as you can see the outcome of some perhaps dubious quality coatings and not keeping up with cleaning/general deterioration.


Note this was a couple of years back and I'm 'slowly' getting things back towards stockish, but I'm still not lifting my bonnet in public!!


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I always appreciated one thing with a Supra, its so reliable and uses no oil between servicing and doesn't go out in the rain any longer so the washer fluid is hardly used meaning that the bonnet needs lifting once a year. Now with the 65 Mustang, I do need to check the oil and coolant levels regularly and its all chrome rockers, pulleys and filters. The surgically clean engine bay thing leaves me wondering.

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Some good looking engine bays guys!

Anyone got everything powdercoated gloss black?


I'm thinking gloss black intake, valve covers, turbo pipes etc. And the coil pack cover, fan shroud and fuse box painted moonstone just like the car.


A close second is to polish everything! Looks awesome!



Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk

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