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'02 Supra Project : 2JZ-GTE VVTI, BC STAGE 2 cams, BW64mm, SYVECS S7, V161, TE37SL (soon) ...

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Looking good!

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Car re-assembling is going good !


The job was well prepared as I took time to order every little clips new from Toyota Japan...










Can't wait to get it on the road :)





Oh and I receveid this little gem from Japan last week... So little car haha only 580Kg !!






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Is this colour not so common on here ?


IMO I think the front end with that lip and this colour is the best front end for a Supra :D


Car is now lowered and sits on some work emotion.


We will put the windows and doors with my father this evening...


Pics this evening !

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Cars looking awesome mate great job so far and looks a great base car to start this work on :)


How to show the pics in a bigger size ?


If your starting a new thread then the option will already be there but if you posting a reply within a thread then click on "go advanced" first but then...


Click on "Manage Attachments"...




The below dialog box will appear then click on "Choose File"...




After choosing the file you are after click on "Upload" (you can choose multiple photo's to upload before clicking this)...




The filename of your chosen file will appear under "current attachments", right click on your filename and then chose "copy link address"...




Close the window using the "Close this window" option...




Type the following into your post wherever you want the picture to be...




Right click between ] and [ and click paste and a link address will appear in the centre as shown below...




After you are done adding photo's click "Submit Reply" and enjoy :)





Hope this helps :)









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My new OS GIKEN 1.5 WAY LSD is kindly waiting to be assembled with the help of a rebuild kit that just arrived to me from Japan (I will have a spare set for sale soon !)




This job is really not easy for me, I've never worked on any diff, I hope to learn a lot about it... oh and I bought 2 spare crush sleeves... if necessary x)


Do you have a list or parts and part numbers you bought for the rebuild kit please? Fitting an OS-Giken is on my "to-do" list one day.

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Do you have a list or parts and part numbers you bought for the rebuild kit please? Fitting an OS-Giken is on my "to-do" list one day.


Sorry for delay mate,


I'll list everything in my first page asap !


- - - Updated - - -



That little car is £40k, there goes the chance of me buying it.


Not as much expensive as his sister but still expensive for a little car yes !

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This weekend was THE weekend I was waiting for a long time now... =D


I only drove the car 5km last year with the stock exhaust... sensation less... because I wanted to do the paintjob asap...



This is now smth done, I enjoyed my 1st weekend with it, this was perfect !



I took the car at a mini meet to show the friends (and haters) what a car should look like, reactions were great haha :)










Next step is putting my OSGIKEN diff but will a bit enjoy it before :)

20180422_191941 - Copie.jpg

20180422_191931 - Copie.jpg

20180422_191915 - Copie.jpg

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  • WayneW changed the title to '02 Supra Project : 2JZ-GTE VVTI, BC STAGE 2 cams, BW64mm, SYVECS S7, V161, TE37SL (soon) ...

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