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Convoy and Parking Spot JapShow 2017


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Hey guys and girls.


With JapShow 2017 fast approaching on the 8th and 9th of July time is running out to get those last upgrades bolted on and tested.

I'm wanting to get a small list together of those interested in a convoy to Santa Pod and dare I say a parking spot for us to claim as our own because the more Supra's the better, right?:D


Unfortunately I see we don't have a club area for the forum http://www.japshow.co.uk/clubs.php so we'll need to group together, but that doesn't mean we can't go show off and admire some of the finest cars to come from that small island known as Japan.


A few things will need to be finalized so here goes.


1: The time and day everyone's heading up as some guys might only want to go for the Sunday others the whole weekend.

2: A route/meeting spot for all of us to find one another.

3: A Spot for those who are camping and/or parking together, I'm guessing we'll arrive in convoy and claim a spot as our own on Saturday so we can keep an eye on each others cars or hold that all important parking spot if someone decides to do a spot of racing down the strip.



Please throw some suggestions and ideas this way as well as the area you'll be coming from so we can decide on the best meeting spot.

If you are already a part of a convoy and want to let the rest of us know maybe our times will align and we can all ride together in a display of JZA80 awesomeness.

Anyone who has been to JapShow before and any organizing veterans like Chris Bailey please feel free to share any tips and tricks that can make this smoother for first timers.


Hopefully we can all show up together turn some heads and have a great time.

So fill your tanks shine your cars and travel safe.

See you along the way or at JapShow.:cool:

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mate if you havnt booked a club stand. you will be parked in the public car park ( field )

and not in the main show.


might be diferant as you are camping.


Clay is right I am afraid.


Its a real shame we don't have anything for this. In the past I have organised a few of our club stands for Japshow, but its just become quite difficult to do now due to the fact to reserve a pitch we have to pay quite a chunk of money way (about 6 months for a decent spot) up front and commit to a number of tickets.


Most people don't want to pay for the tickets until quite close to the event when they know what the weather is doing, work, holiday dates etc. so that alone makes it difficult to book a pitch as we never know how many people are actually going to commit.


Also, the last Japshow finale I sorted Santa Pod gave us a pitch which was too small for our needs and we were shunting cars around all day which made it bit of a pain for all involved.

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I'm not planning to guys, I'm normally there with dad every year but he's away that weekend anyway. I'd be up for Japshow Finale later on in the year though.


Sorry Chris, I was confused, I meant Jake and Luke are going over Sunday.


Me and you can stop in bed and cuddle :D

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