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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

Helston Motor Show 25th June 2017


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Well Show times are coming again. As some of you know, I organized this one over the past 3 yrs now. So here I go again.

To those who have not be to this the show day is on a Sunday. But a few of us get together on the Saturday afternoon. I will then take you on a drive around before hitting the show ground. We're we can have a drive& watch the end of the cricket match lol. Once the cricket has finished, we can then pitch our tents(if you want to camp the night). We will then go for food, either up pub or in club house. Tents must be packed up by 9am.

So who's up for this little Cornish show which is getting bigger each yr. Oh there is some F1 simulated thing on as well.


1. Slam. + Kar. camping


3. Day881

4.DANWB + 1

5. hemmjonny

6. Crash Bandicoot +1

7. Suprafluff + 1. camping

8. Jason + 2 gay friends . camping

9. Wile e coyote. camping

10. Tommack + 1

11. Axle + 1 (tbc)

12. DidgyRog (tbc)


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Me and the mrs are up for this one, not camping but keen for the drive on Saturday




Cool mate. I will let everyone know times for Saturday drive later. You will need to be on show ground by 8:30 on the Sunday.



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Put me and Krista down Malc, will get back to you on the camping but defo up for the Saturday drive and the show

Who are you, not seen you on here before. [emoji23] But yes i will put you down.[emoji6]



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