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SRD Billet Diff Cases

Lee P

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SRD billet diff cases now available


The stock case is cast and quite thin in places.


When running big power and solid mounts the rear diff case can crack or break with the torque.


This is worse with the small case which is noticeably thinner and doesn't have the cooling fins like the large case.


Our large case billet cover will fit UK/Euro and J spec diffs. B series


They have the fixings for the UK spec pump sensor and pipe work.

Cooling fins as stock and much thicker and stronger than the stock one.


Our small case billet cover is the big upgrade.


It has the added strength from the materiel and thickness, but also we designed it with the cooling fins to match the large case.

As there are more small case diffs around this is a great upgrade for it.

It will fit auto and manual diffs, A series

These are OEM fitment using the stock bolts, they come supplied with dowels and new breather.

The large case comes with blanks for the pump fittings if not required.


Prices are

Large case £799

Small case £765


Prices include vat but plus delivery













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