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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

Simply Japanese Sunday 30th July 2017 at Beaulieu House, Hampshire


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See you Sunday





My plan at the moment is to meet at Exeter Services as normal for the South West lot and leave at 5.30am, then drive non stop to Morrison's ( 2 hours ish ) near Hythe to meet members from other areas at 7.30am


I don't want to stop and meet at lots of points on the way up, as we are already getting up early for distance reasons, but if anyone is going to be on route pm me and we can try and work out a rough time we will be passing a point where you can join the convoy at without stopping


I will also put my Mobile number in the Pm for payment, so everyone has a way to contact me on the day if you run into trouble in some way


They open the gate for Club Stands at 8am, but it closes at 9.30am, at which time any more arrivals will be treated as individuals and randomly parked


The traffic last year was not horrendous considering, but they seem quite strict on Clubs arriving on time, so I want to leave Morrison's at 7.45am and head the 30 mins ish to the event




Last year the road down from the motorway towards Hythe was fairly busy, but I was thinking of a Morrison's just off the main road before you get to Hythe, it has a big car park and will be shut that early on a Sunday




Address and postcode is


Spruce Drive


SO40 8AD


So I think that is all at this point


If anyone needs to know anything or has any info etc that might help, then please post


Thanks Rog :)

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Guest KamReedo

I would be down. I just wish my spr/m4 was ready. I guess I will just bring the evo 9. I have 2 form ones out as well I think they may be done by the beginning of next month.



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