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Selling / buying safely on the forum


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Most transactions go without a problem but to make sure you're fully protected in the event of a problem, here are some top tips to help keep your money safe.


The forum can only do so much to help - we have no legal powers to get you your money back.


1. If paying though PayPal never send money as a gift; this removes all the protection you have as a buyer. Pay the fee unless you are happy to accept the risk.

2. Check the feedback of the member you're buying from, including looking at current/closed dispute threads the member has been involved with. Was it an honest mistake, or are they one to avoid?

3. Try to see the item in person or have someone local look for you BEFORE sending money. A visual inspection can save you a world of pain.

4. If relevant, see the part functioning so you know it works. Again, if you can't, ask if someone local can.

5. Ask as many questions as you can about the item to make sure it is what you're after. This can also help if the seller then misleads you in a subsequent dispute.

6. Know your legal rights. Threats of legal action usually prompt people to make a timely resolution.

7. Don't let it drag on. Most dispute refunds have a time limit in them you should make note of this relevant to the way you are paying.

8. If posting make sure you send recorded delivery or at least get a tracking number. This can help as proof of postage or receipt.

9. On fragile/expensive items I would recommend postal insurance to protect against damage in transit.

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