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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

BHP Fuel Fest Sunday 14th June at Westpoint Exeter


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I'm afraid to say guys due to some family issues we aren't going to be able to make it tomorrow :cry:

I was really hoping things would be in a position where we could come along, but unfortunately it hasn't panned out that way.


Rog, if there is any way someone else can have our tickets last minute, then they can have them gratis, or if someone isn't on the stand and wants to be, they may as well make use of my stand pass.


Really sorry we can't be there, we've been looking forward to it for ages now and really could have done with a fun day out right now but we just can't feasably get away.


Just Pm'ed you Jon, family has to come first bud, good luck


Regrettably I'm going to have to pull out of coming tomorrow as my cam covers have STILL not arrived back from the chromers, if possible, please give my ticket and passenger ticket to another club member who may want to join in


Thanks for letting me know Matt, hopefully catch up during the summer


My alternator died last night :( ive got an NA AUTO alternator spare, will it fit my 96 vvti TT? If so I've gotta get it done today! Don't care if the cars not clean and ready looks wise but can't have my misses turn up on the stand with her supra and me not being mine!


The altenators are the same, but there are 2 different plug connectors available for the Supra so you just need to check they match

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Just a quick update


Please don't be late at the services


7.15am is the meeting time, I have just been told that they want everyone in the Show Ground by 8am and are saying they are going to shut the Entrance Gat at 8am,


so I plan to try and get us away from the Services a bit earlier if everyone arrives on time


When you get to the Services please come and find me and get your tickets and Car Sticker

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And more


Lucky b.....d




Though some of us done well


Best Southwest new comer




Best ass in show




Most chilled out in show




Most beautiful in show






Best romantic in show





Best shot in show






Best Woody in show





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