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Engine Type - Single Turbo was TT originally


Engine Spec - Std UK Spec Engine, BC 264 Cams, SARD 800CC Injectors, -8AN Fuel Lines, Walbro 485LPH Pump, SATS Motorsport Cam Gears


Turbo - BoostLab BL366HF with .91 A/R Twin Scroll.


Fuel Used - 97RON Super


Exhaust - Turbo Back free flow system, Apexi N1, with silencer removed


Transmission - UK Spec Auto Trans & Diff


ECU - Adaptronic E440D


Mapped By - Gavin Magee @ GSport Cars


Dyno Used - Maha


Power figure - 556BHP At the Wheels


Torque figure - 461 ftlbs At the Wheels


Boost Pressure - 1.45bar


549.5 Graph.jpg



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Nice one mate use the film strip type button when you click on advance and copy and paste your youtube video mate, it will embed it into the page.


Thanks for the tip! Think I've done it correctly now! Should be a bit handier for people!

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I thought auto transmissions were only good for about 450hp? At 550whp this is surely over 600? I dont get it :(


Nice results though :)


You can make about 550bhp with 2x trans coolers. Its more torque and heat that kills autoboxes. Although my dad was running 607bhp and 560lbft on a stock auto with syvecs.

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Just thought id add to this, as mine is a UK Auto, there is some debate about their ability to take more abuse than the jspec box. Part numbers suggest it is a completely different box so that could be the reason, although i do not know for certain

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