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Scottish car show edinburgh


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Anymore crack about accommodation Marc.


Na I aint bothered looking yet bud, im still in the dark about mine and sams plans for the saturday, trying to find out what time i can sneak off from the wedding before i commit to a hotel, i may still have to travel up sunday morning, but id rather not thats one long day, you, robby, n Bossco just decide between your selves mate n Il book up once i know, I manage to cock it up every year haha

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Maybe John paid me in........I wasn't paying much attention when the first thread went up about it.

The car is epic mate. Once I've learned my way around the computer settings I'll be laughing.


Good to hear mate, glad your enjoying it :thumbs: aye johns got +2 near his name on the main thread so id guess one of those is you?

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I vote the Hilton again. That's if I'm not bared like[emoji15]never did get to sample the breakfast[emoji16]



Aye the Hilton was canny good like. Think we should get up there early though. The pool and stuff were mint and id want to use them again without being rushed. Think they've got a gym too.

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They defintley had a gym you walked past it on the way to the carpark round the back, if me n sam are stopping over (still not certain because of a mates wedding on saturday) then id vote hilton too, nice rooms good food and the cars are secure in there, shame theres not a proper restaurant within walking distance though, if we do stay over then we will be arriving late anyway most likely :(

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