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Possible clocked car!

Guest The-Band!t

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Guest The-Band!t

Hi guys,

I know this is the events page but I thought this would be a good place to put this for any perspective buyers in Ireland.

This car


Used to be around my hometown area and was sold a few months ago. Here is the old for sale thread



So it is now up for sale with a new licence plate and 40000 miles less on the clocks 6 months later. Originally the price was higher on the gumtree ad so probably tried to clock it to make a profit but so far hasn't worked out. But..... just incase the original ad was in kilometers and this one is in miles then disregard what I'm saying. If your interested in the car then I'd ask if it still runs in kilometres or has it been converted to miles and what do the clocks say. Could be clocked and I just don't want anyone being done as there's to much of this thing going on now!



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Nice car, looks clean, but would wonder about someone selling it on again so quickly, maybe it just wasn't for him. Good spot and worth asking, although to be thorough a buyer would need to be checking with the previous owner to make sure it had been clocking up in km previously. 113k converted works out as 70k so there's a good chance it's a conversion.

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