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Helston Motor Show 29th June


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It's drying up down here,and the sun keeps trying. I have booked sun for tomorrow's, cost me a arm and leg. Oh forgot to mention, Ryano has his 2 little rug rats with him today and tomorrow's. One is called mr.windge , the other called rabbit. We did try to sell them,but no takers. Slow and dirty,if you coming down the A30,mind you dont hit trafic at Temple(bottle neck) see you all later.

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Thank you to all of you , who were available for my 1st run & show. The drive around was grwat apart from the bloody emits in St . Ives. They were death dumb & blind. As we drove around the back sreets,brov said its was a bit loud at the back,what with 3 na's up front . Oh & the nice lady who wouldn't pull over. We not talk about the locals down penzance. Last night was funny,went for a cross country walk to the pub, styles, over hedges, electric fenses( brov got zapped). A pond.then the pub,were I think all enjoyed their meals. Some drinks later,& we walked back through the fields. Set up tents,drank,&had a right laugh(didn't we Karen) The weather was ok,just a bit fresh this morning. Had a great day, Thanks

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