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I did a little work on the car today turning my attention to my subwoofer install and set about sound deadening my boot.  I've done the rest of the car over the years but i always put off doing t

MOT passed. I always get nervous but the car has everything it needs so i suppose it should. Going to change the oil and filter next and hopefully get to some meets and shows when possible.

Small update as im trying to get the car ready for it's MOT. Finally solved my airbag issue. which turned out to be a crushed cable behind the airbag itself. Makes a change that the error code ga

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Sailed the MOT today,

Coilovers where fitted yesterday, just got my brakes to fit then the wheels will be on.




My drive way didnt like the lower stance :( when i have the new wheels on and tweeked the height it should be OK




Fitted a few bits today also.





My discs arrived, size 11 shoes, they look huge!




Apr cooling plate




More to come soon

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A little update here, the wheels are on!


My worries were needless, the fit was perfect, I want to thank everybody on here who offered me advice on which offsets and widths to choose, I don't believe the wheels could fit any better.


The rears are nice and wide, the fronts are perfect all 4 wheels are flush with the arches and there is zero scrubbing even the fronts DO NOT scrub at all from lock to lock which I was surprised at.


Firstly i fitted my new BC coil-overs, surprised at the quality of these, a lot of people say they are junk, so far the ride is quality and the appearance and threads etc look very good.


All 4 new ARB links where installed also, we all know how much of a pain those are.


They were all lubed up so hopefully I shouldn't get any seizing problems.




I also fitted my UK brakes which have been fully refurbished along with new disks all round, pads and braided lines.




Onto the wheels,


I decided to go for Continental SP5 for the tyres, 255 on the front and 295 on the rears, 30 profile all round, perhaps a 25 profile on the rear could have been more pretty but i wanted that extra cushioning over style, i don't think you can really tell anyway.


Rear first




Lets not forget the decals of course!






One side done before i adjusted some right heights




Profile was fantastic




Ill be getting some proper photos taken from my SLR when i get her taxed and on the road, probably during the week heading upto Japfest so that will be my next update!

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Wow :drool:


Thats a stunning car, love what you've done with it. Those wheels are lovely. What are they?


Cheers, they are Work CV201 - According to work, the first set they've ever made in supra fitment, so perhaps I'm unique.. for now :D


looking good! ;) did you sort that thing you txt me about?


They ordered the part for next week, then getting sorted the week after :) garage sorting it all out, thanks dude

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Fantastic :) Well done, those wheels have made the car, really spot on choice.


Thanks i knew i needed something special and im glad i went for these ones :)


That looks gorgeous. Great choice of colour, kit and wheels, very nice indeed. Well done.




Perfect, facelift lights would go great ;), nothing better than a nice set of wheels.




I did a photoshop with the facelift lights and i think it took away from the front of the car, i like how bright the UK's are on the front, i think ill be keeping them

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Now that looks gorgeous, Top job on the choice of wheels. Car is looking perfect, you must be over the moon.


Thanks, I'm certainly happy with the look, I've had a few niggles come up but hopefully they should be sorted in a week or 2.

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