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Project: Ric's Gunmetal Carbon Ridox

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I did a little work on the car today turning my attention to my subwoofer install and set about sound deadening my boot.  I've done the rest of the car over the years but i always put off doing t

MOT passed. I always get nervous but the car has everything it needs so i suppose it should. Going to change the oil and filter next and hopefully get to some meets and shows when possible.

Small update as im trying to get the car ready for it's MOT. Finally solved my airbag issue. which turned out to be a crushed cable behind the airbag itself. Makes a change that the error code ga

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Just read the entire thread for at least an hour. Absolutely mind blowing attention to detail. A stunning work of art mate.


Cheers Greg, nice machine you've picked up also. Welcome back!

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Not much going on with the build right now, just collecting a few parts and deciding where to go with the engine.


I think for now I'm just going to tidy it up and run full BPU for a while. I think if I get everything done right now (engine rebuild, single etc etc), I will eventually get bored of the car and I really don't want that, I want to be able to keep tinkering etc.


A few bits which have come:




Got myself the powerhouse racing pulleys from Kahns car and got Rob to freshen them up before sending, they look great.




Also got some polished covers with an10 adapters from a member in Greece! good to meet you in Athens!





I set about opening the baffles as it's common for polishing debris to get inside. It will cause you problems later, there was plenty of crap inside, fully cleaned out and de-greased, ill be re sealing the baffles soon.




In the mean time I found a new tensioner on the forum, thanks to Jam, was only 500 miles old in great condition, however I gave it to Rob to polish.


He also tidied up the edge parts with matt black for me.




Once that arrived it was on with the PHR aux pulley, looks excellent.


That's all the pics for now.


Some other parts i have coming:

Mines Auto ECU

Callaway Crackle black oil catch tank with black braided lines

Do Luck floor brace


Until Next time!


Thanks for looking

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Hi Guys n Gals,


A little update on the car here, i'm back in the UK so decided to crack on with some maintenance of the car and a few dressy up bits as i start tidying up the engine bay on the supra.

Looking a little sorry for itself in the garage, was dusty as hell this time for some reason, i have a new garage door coming soon to better seal the entrance hopefully will warm the house up a bit too!




First off, removing the bumper, first time i've done it since the paint job was a little apprehensive but it came off easily.




I've been collecting parts for a while for this work so a couple of pics here ill include the part numbers also for people perhaps looking to do similar work.


Water Pump (inc housing) 16100-49847

Timing Belt Idler Pulley 13505-46041

Timing Belt 13568-49036

Timing Belt Tensioner 13540-46030




I've always loved the idea of the carbon fan shroud from Whifbitz so i managed to pick one up along with their new Neo-Chrome rad brackets to match my little theme in the engine bay.




I mounted the fan shroud to a new Mishimoto Rad from BGAutoWorx and sealed the edges with some draft excluder so less air can escape. The size of the autobox cooler gave me some concerns but the supplier answered all my questions perfectly.




I wasn't happy with the stock water neck, so while the water pump and everything was off i decided to get Rob to polish me one up.




Lee from SRD sorted me out with one of their uprated alternators and even sent it with the pulley loose for me so i could fit my powerhouse racing one, service. Lee also supplied me with some new coil pack connectors, we all know what happens to those.




As i would be swapping my cam covers over i bought the required hoses for the PCV and the washers for the nuts, thanks to Whifbitz for the next day delivery.


PCV Hose Exhaust - 12262-46020

PCV Hose Inlet - 12261-46031

Cam Cover Washers x16 - 90210-07001





First off i removed the Rad and associated bits, i forgot how easily it all comes out. I proceeded to loosen off the crank pulley *dreading. Thanks to Iky and Supra_UFO for lending me the tools.




It was pretty tight and i've never been as worried about snapping bolts in the pulley, this is what the holding bolts looked like after!





Taking the water pump etc off was easy enough apart from getting to the turbo water hose bolts! jesus. The crank seal looked OK, there was a coating of oil all around but i don't think it was from the seal, i cleaned up the area and monitored it again for the next few days.


My crank sprocket popped off the main timing belt pulley when i was removing it, i managed to press it back on but to save any future problems my local fabricator welded it together for me for free! awesome.




I refitted everything back, adding previous parts i've been holding for a while plus i painted my timing covers in some crackle/wrinkle black.


PHR Pulley Set

Polished AUX Tensioner

New OEM Crank Pulley

Wrinkle Black cam covers

Carbon Spark Plug Cover

PHR Oil Cap




Just needs everything else painting/polishing to bring it all together.


I topped up all the fluids, PAS fluid and Coolant and started her up, started right away and idled fine, the little rattle i had was gone (was from the timing belt idler pulley i think)




The car was overheating at first heaters not working so i expect i have an airlock. The lovely red coolant was bubbling away a lot.

More to come, thanks for looking

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