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Project: Ric's Gunmetal Carbon Ridox

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Car is looking epic mate.


Do you have a link to the guages you bought? I looked on the Metal Monkey site but couldn't see the TRD tacho?




They are a custom design dude, if you send them the picture they will know which it is, they had them in stock for next day delivery, usually it takes them a few weeks to make them., perhaps they had a few of this design around

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I did a little work on the car today turning my attention to my subwoofer install and set about sound deadening my boot.  I've done the rest of the car over the years but i always put off doing t

MOT passed. I always get nervous but the car has everything it needs so i suppose it should. Going to change the oil and filter next and hopefully get to some meets and shows when possible.

Small update as im trying to get the car ready for it's MOT. Finally solved my airbag issue. which turned out to be a crushed cable behind the airbag itself. Makes a change that the error code ga

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Bit of a update here with the car.


A few people had mentioned that the car might look better with some facelift headlights, i wasn't sure and though that the UK's gave a nice contrast with the colour.

But, the tick was in the brain and i did a few photoshop's as to how the car might look along with other cars with a similar colour with facelift.

I decided i'd give it a go along with a few other small mods. In the end im glad i did, i think it freshens up the front quite well.


Onto some pics:




Thanks to Keron for getting me the lights!




Fitted some new HID's as the facelifts are different, went for the same 5k's along with super white fogs and hi-beam.




I decided to go all LED with the bulbs.




I fitted some smoked side repeaters, i thought they looked a bit more special with the dark grey rather than the crystal ones.




I masked up the edges to save any damages.




While i was doing the front end i fitted my clear front indicators to get rid of the orange in the toyota versions.




First light in and gave me a grin :D





Suits the colour well i think?




Finishing up.




Whilst I was busy doing the lighting upgrade i had a nice delivery from Japan.




In preparation i refitted my passenger side airbag (i tried to remove the curls from the edges which is a common issue on them)




Paperwork is always nice.




You guessed it, been after one of these for a while, a pretty nice one cropped up so i made it mine.




Finishes the interior off fine, just the retrim left now!


Talking of lighting upgrades i thought the rear of the car could do with some attention:




Heckler sorted me out with a set of his double ringed LED conversions from my facelift lights.




I have bought a private plate for the car and will be putting some nice Carbon plates on it from Jurgen so next will be pics of those!






That's all for now,

Thanks for looking

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Facelift lights FTW


I take it they are brand new? What bulbs did you use as I need an overhaul of my lights to lose the OEM yellow glow.lol


They are brand new yes, they were h3 fogs, 9005 hids 9005 for the Hi beam I think


I'll check later as I'm a few deep at the pub but I think that's correct.

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Done a few small changes to the car today:




I wasn't enjoying the rust on the brake disks, I didn't have chance to paint them before they were fitted and I didn't want the heavy brushed finish on them either which meant spraying (i wasn't too happy about that with over-spray etc either)

But enough was enough they were doing my head in so I decided to give them a facelift.




I started by masking thoroughly whilst covering the disk faces while making sure what needed to be painted, was.





I bagged the callipers and sprayed with some VHT black which drys a nice OEM looking matt black rather than glossy.




Poor picture but much better.




This is how she stands today, I fitted a folding number plate holder to the front, Im not so happy that you can see the mechanism whilst the plate is hidden away (look closely you'll see it) but for the moment it's the best solution I could find (I'm not too bothered about motorized) and I didn't want to block the inter-cooler.




I've found myself worrying about speed bumps more and more after I slightly caught one of the carbon edges of the bumper (underneath, thank god) so i decided to raise the suspention by 10mm on the front and .5 on the rear, above is the new ride height.




I saw somebody on the forum had replaced their engine bay bolts with Neochrome ones (without writing) because I've always had the Neochrome wheel nuts i liked this matching idea (sorry for copying :D )

I also cancelled out my airbag light (no pics needed i think)

I wired up my fog lights to Hecklers LED rears

I also changed the indicator relay for a LED "friendly" one, thanks Jellybean for that idea. So now the indicators flash at their normal speed.


Thanks for looking!

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