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Port solent meet Portsmouth Cancelled

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Port Solent meet Sunday 19th October 1pm


Postcode is PO6 4TS


Will aim for the 3rd weekend each month with possible times and day changes to suit the majority.


Whoever gets there first try and find a nice quiet spot so we can get parked up together.


* If the weather is bad then we normally head towards Weatherspoons (upstairs) to have a beer and food *

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thanks for orgnising it, was a good fun. i have some pictures to upload at somepoint. i unfortunatly wont be able to make that due to work as its mid day, if your still about after 6ish i will swing by.


Maybe as a compromise we can stagger the time every other month if enough people are willing to have a later start time.


Once again thanks to those that attended it was good fun.

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Was a good night, really enjoyed the banter. Thanks for organising Graham. :)



Was a good night thanks to Steve for taking dad out he is now talking to my mum about getting a supra lol


Lol, no problem mate. :)


Sad I didn't get a ride with Steve. :(


I can see a trend appearing here. :D


I can still picture Steve M's face when you suggest 10am :D


I know it's like he a lazy teenager that can be arsed to get up early lol


It's because I didn't realise there was two 10 O'Clocks on a Sunday!! :D




Will hopefully try and make the next one, work pending and providing the car Isn't at SRD by then. :)


1) Graham1984

2) GreaseMonkey

3) Ash808

4) Supraleepostcode.

5) steve.m

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