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Cancelled due to bad weather forecasted Portland Run, Sunday 6th April


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Cancelled due to bad weather





The Return of the

Portland Run.....Sunday 6th April 2014









We did this run back in 2009 (can't believe it was that long ago:blink:) and it was a great day


I have been trying to do it again for a while, but found it difficult to fit into the summer calendar, so I am going take a gamble and hope we get an early start to the summer


It will be done in the same fashion as 2009 with the different regions organising their own convoy to meet in the Bridport area at a set time


Hopefully us South West lot won't be late this time lol it was Blackie's fault


From Bridport I have a route along the stunning coastline to take us all out to the Pulpit Inn on the end of Portland for some food (food is ordered on the day from the Pub Menu and paid for then by yourselfs).


For those that came last time, the drive up the side of the pub is now levelled, so no more beached Supra's hopefully


I will be asking the Event Organisers in the other areas to copy this thread to there region and liaise with me to pull the areas together, this can be done once Steve updates the Event Organisers


This is just a start up thread to get interest and to get a date sorted, if the last one was anything to go by it is an all day thing


Please post your thoughts, if you want to come, if it is going to clash with another big event


Bring on the summer



Here is a link for the 2009 Portland Run




and here is the Pic Thread




I will update this thread over Xmas with more in depth details, maps etc. The Pub Menu is going to be Updated, so I will post it as soon as I get it

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Waiting for the New Menu from The Pulpit Inn Still:taped:


Anyway, we might as well start planning meeting points a times


The Pub has asked for us to not order food until around 2pm if possible


So I think we should look at meeting at Exeter Services at 10am and be left by 10:30 at the latest (postcode for satnav EX2 7HF)


This is the planned route as it was last time, think it was a good route so not planning at this stage to change it










This route keeps us off the main routes avoiding the stupid traffic into Weymouth, but takes us through a few towns and some stunning coastal scenary.





Distance wise it is between 60 and 70 mile total and the drive home we will come home via the A30 to speed up our trip home



For the folks meeting the convoy in Bridport, I am thinking it maybe better this time to meet at the Industrial Estate to the North of Bridport, as last time it was a bit tight for space were we meet




This a Google Map of the area and the red point is the Ind Est, it's a Sunday so hopefully it will be near on deserted, this is the address and Postcode....Corbin Way, Bridport DT6 3UX


As for the meeting time at Bridport I would say to aim for 1pm ish


Can I now ask for everyone that is coming to start thinking where they are joining, if you live along the route and would prefer to join on route let me know and we will work something out, obviously the more at Exeter the better, but I know a few would have to travel along way to get there, hence the Bridport meeting point, before taking in the stunning scenery along the coast to Portland

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1. DodgyRog (Exeter)

2. james_cbr (Bridport)

4. ripped_fear (Bridport)

5. slow8dirty (Exeter)

6. BOB B (Bridport)

7. Gaz B

8. Steve Paine (Exeter)

9. Crash Bandicoot

10. Coleboy

11. Fearless and Shirley (Exeter)

12. SupraFluff (Exeter)

13. Sooty (Exeter)

14. suprano (Bridport)

15. RidoxRosie ((Bridport) about to be a new member)

16. SupraFluff's Friend in a GT4 (Exeter)



Buster (Unlikely looking at his build thread, but wait to hear )

Slam and Karen (Possible, depending on Hangover from Wedding)

Wile e Coyote and Mandy (Possible, depending on Hangover from Wedding)


Please can anyone that hasn't yet confirm your meeting point, please post it up, cheers

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lol I will drive out to bridport so I get some convoy fun


Yeah that is what I will be getting everyone to do, as we will go to Portland via Abbotsbury


Provisionally I'm in Rog, work dependant as always.

I'll try and get Nevins to drag the Welsh lot along.


Okay Jon, I will be asking the other Event Organisers to help out, when I do this properly over Xmas, obviously if they want to copy and Paste this into there Area Section now then that is fine to boost interest


1. DodgyRog

2. Buster

3. james_cbr

4. Listy

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So long as RAF give me leave, I'm in! And seeing that I live there, it would be rude not too! Week before my birthday too! Haha


No problem Gaz, just update on the thread closer to the time, I don't think I will have to limit numbers for this, if it gets really big, there is a huge car park 50 yards down the road, think it is pay and display from memory, guess you would know that


I will check if it becomes necessary, I would guess the car park at the pub will take at least 40 Supras if we park properly


The road you're talking about is a stunning drive.


Certainly is, as long as the weather is reasonable, it does suffer really bad with dense fog there, but fingers crossed


I'm in, it was good fun last time, it couldn't possibly have been that long ago.


I know, it's mad, really doesn't feel that long ago, bit scary





1. DodgyRog

2. Buster

3. james_cbr

4. Listy

5. ripped_fear

6. slow8dirty

7. BOB B

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