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Anyone missed me??


Well i am still supraless :(, but now have two Lovely little girls:):)....how life has changed for me!!

I still look at them and have just found my old one for sale on pistonheads:thumbs:, its being sold by a trader in essex.


Added a pic of the ol girl to remind you all.....


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Adriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan :wave:


How are you? You'll be pleased to hear that I still have your Stock 17's on mine :D - perhaps with a few added blemishes now after all these years.


Congrats on the 2 girls :) I also have 2 kids now, 1 boy and 1 girl.


P.s, Buy another Supra :eyebrows:

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I wish i could mellonman.- Peter he is asking £7500 for it.-Gaz i know it had some paint work done after i owned it so maybe not perfect in the colour match i would like to guess, you can see from the spats that were added after i sold it are a little out, it was possibly the cleanest car i had ever owned:(.-Ben do the active lip! Iam an avid fan of the whole oem look.-Mark, i will always look at the supra with adoring eyes...there is just something about it, the lines, the speed....and the price ha ha, however i have en eye on other stuff too not all import stuff or even jap, i am liking the whole American muscle sceen too at the mo.-Fitz!!! me ol mate, good to see your still in the fold, children hey they just change your life and your bank account:blink: once i get to grip with things i might go for a cheaper N/A....so if you see something give me a shout!


Well good to hear from you all....take care out there this winter guys, especially in those big BHP ones.

All the best.Adrian

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