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Ford Ka Engine roar when idle

Guest ramchandra3333

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Guest ramchandra3333

Hello All,

I recently bought a 2001 ford ka with 200k km on it. Everything is fine except there is a loud noise like the engine is accelerating while i hold the clutch (i am not at all accelerating, my foot clearly away from the accelerator) sometimes for changing gear. The roar gets louder and the engine becomes idle only after a few seconds. I felt my driving was faulty but this does not happen when i drive other cars, i checked . I guess there is something to do with the clutch and accelerator sensitivity or something really internal to the engine. I have no idea why its happening. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

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I don't know much about these but I assume they have an Idle Control Valve, if so try removing and cleaning it with carb cleaner. Also try disabling the power steering (e.g. by removing a fuse): broken power steering electrical wires can cause excessive revving, particularly noticeable when the engine's idle.

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Guest Roger NE

It's nothing to do with your Clutch . . . and when you say ROARING, we presume you mean the engine revs are high (as IF you are holding your foot on the accelerator pedal)


When you are stationary and HAVEN'T recently touched the accelerator pedal, is the tickover speed normal?


If it IS normal, if you put your foot on the accelerator then take it off again . . . what happens?


Do the revs drop straight back to normal tickover? Or do they stay high for a while, and slowly drop back to normal? (if so, how long does it take?)


If that's the case, it could be something as simple as a sticky throttle cable or throttle flap

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