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Big Supes' UK-Spec - The Story So Far

Big Supes

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Just thought I'd share my excitement! I can't believe a 32 year old man is struggling to eat anything this morning in anticipation. :D


Not sure when this weather will clear up. I wanted to get back and get her detailed for some piccies. Frickin' UK weather! Will definitely have the TC on as we don't want any mishaps. :innocent:


EDIT: Pics and spec...


Stock '95 UK Spec TT (auto)





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looks like a very clean/straight example. Only changes I can see from stock is the sun sport grill and the (correct me if I'm wrong) miss-matched leather. Looks to have black leather fronts and cream leather rear?


I'd personally keep everything as stock as possible on a clean UK spec. If you do change anything then make sure you keep the OEM parts to put it back to stock when you come to sell it. In 5+ years time, examples of UK models will be very thin on the ground(even more so than now) and a car like this should hold it's value very well.

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Thanks for the comments peeps. I can confirm the rear seats are black and the underside looks factory fresh. :) Chuffed to nuts with the car. She drives like new.


Finally home now. Took around 3 hours to get out of central London, but hearing the twins happily spooling on the motorway was well worth the wait.


Came back to Southampton via Basingstoke... had a burger and visited my nan for a quick cuppa. An all round WIN of a day. :cool:


Quick snap at Basingstoke:



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Lovely Supra you have there... ENJOY !


Cheers mate. :)


Looks a lovely clean example. Don't worry about the age, excitement bit, I was bursting when I collected mine and a bit ;) older than you so as they say, good things come to those who wait. Enjoy.


Ha! I think I am going to sleep like a rock tonight now all the stress, excitement and anticipation is over. No doubt I'll be looking out of the bedroom window tonight when I go for my routine 3:30am pee. :D


Will get some more detailed pictures up this weekend.


Initial plans for 2014 (nothing concrete yet):


Lower suspension

Wheel spacers

OEM side skirts & spats


6sp conversion



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Fair play. Have a good think though before committing to skirts and spats. They can look good but get on the yank site, it might just change your mind. bottom line is though, it's yours to do what you like and that's the most important thing. And yes, I still look out the window at the Supra when I take my early morning pee :D.

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I take it our friends over the pond aren't keen? So they've got into the import scene for a few years and I'm supposed to care what they think of Supra's? Pahhh! I kid... :D


I've always thought the same when it comes to personal taste. Its in the eye of the beholder. :)


I might set up my old phone as an ip camera so I can view my car whilst being in bed. :D

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Looks like a good one.


Personally, I wouldn't fit the skirts and spats. I'd leave the bodywork alone. As its a UK spec, it has an 'active spoiler', so it doesn't need a front lip.


Get the stance looking right, and it will look amazing as it is. If you want to update the exterior, do it by fitting facelift lights all round. They're easily swapped if you ever change your mind.


As Homer has said, tidy, unmolested UK specs are very rare these days.

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The active spoiler is by far the best look for the front of a Supra. This attraction to sticking on cheap plastic front lips stemmed from the US(as several of the "must have" supra mods have) as they never got the option of the active spoiler. So it is a very rare item over the pond and goes for $1000+ second hand.


Might be worth hunting down an active spoiler controller that one of our members used to produce, this will allow you to raise/lower the lip at will. :)


I agree regarding the active spoiler. It was also pretty cool seeing the light come on dash when I finally got out of London and got up to speed.


Will keep an eye out for the controller. Sounds like a great mod for her stance at meets, etc. :thumbs:

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That looks like it came off the car transporter to the toyota dealer yesterday, very nice condition, good purchase!


Thanks mate. The pictures don't quite do her justice, but hopefully when this weather clears up, I'll get out there and take some more.


Yup, turn the ignition on(don't start the car) and push the "down" button. It'll then stay down till you start the car. :)


Thanks for the tip. :)

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  • 2 months later...

Thought I'd give this thread some loving instead of starting a new one.


Ditched the car cover for a garage. :D


Whifbitz 3" system and decats have been installed along with the HKS FCD and NGK iridium spark plugs.



Hopefully will get around to fitting the boost controller at the weekend:



ICE is in. Got a hold of some SRD speaker brackets (worked a treat) and some Focal PC165 speakers for the doors. I have a Kicker 10" sub in the boot and Kicker amp to power it. Opted for a Kenwood double-din head unit.



Lastly, managed to lower the ride height 30mm.


There's still work in progress so I don't have any other pictures, but I'll be sure to post them up when it's all done... and more importantly, after I've cleaned it. :D

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looking good mate, you will love BPU

btw the thread should be in supra chat?


Thanks mate, looking forward to turning up the boost. :)


Yeah, I think I had intentions to leave this thread to die, but I may as well use it to document the story. Maybe a mod can kindly move it to Supra Chat.


Looks great dude, BPU is good fun, should keep you happy for a while before going single ;) :D and I didn't think there where any s**t areas in Hampshire? lol


Thanks mate. 6 speed will be first dude. ;):D


Hampshire is wearing thin on nice areas these days!

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wow she looks lovely!! very clean..


Thanks mate.


great example of a well looked after car.


been said before - car will hold its value well or even make you money if you keep it as Toyota intended.


having said that as you are modding to BPU, I would certainly invest in some decent CW pads.




Thanks imi, I've recently replaced the rear pads and don't fancy doing them again for a while (:D), but I'll definitely invest in a complete set for the future.


I find myself torn between keeping everything as Toyota intended as don't intend to sell it and I'd like to put my stamp on it. The main reason I hunted for such a mint example was to have a solid base to build on.


It's a tricky one for sure... whatever happens, I'm not going to rush into anything.


clean car


Thanks bud.


6 speed is the nuts to be fair :D although don't underestimate the autobox, I bet you are looking forward to 1.4bar :D :D


I honestly never thought I could love an auto so much, but I'd be only be lying to myself if I said it's on par with manual. :) Boost is hopefully going up this weekend... and yes, I can't fricken wait. :D

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Thanks buddy, yeah, have been doing a couple of late evening finishes here 'n there. I've been lucky enough to have a good pal to lend a hand and have access to his workshop. Would have been pretty fooked without him.


Are you going to the Basingstoke meet? Would be rude not to go out for some BPU goodness.... that's if I can stop drooling over Parry's Supra. :D


Ohh, and BTW, I have been giving some serious thought into getting my rear stock wheels banded.... ;)

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Sorry for the thread hijack, but I thought uk spec turbos were rated to 1.3 bar? Lovely looking supra though mate, can't wait to see more updates


Ran my UK's at 1.25 - 1.3 bar, never 1.4 and they were still going strong when i sold it at 137k miles


Made approx 420 hp on a hub dyno

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  • Big Supes changed the title to Big Supes' UK-Spec - The Story So Far

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