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Picked up a C’s shifter, need to try it out see how I feel. Had a bad experience with a B&M one before so I am sceptical. However these are raved about frequently so I’ll give it a try :)




Looks good!!



Do the B&M shifters cause any Syncro issues on the 6 speeds


They were always frowned upon in Cossie world for above reason.

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Many thanks to Jake aka Ripped_fear for willingly standing outside all day yesterday(In shorts!) lending a steady hand whilst we changed he VSOS on my car. A nasty job, I’ve been putting it off for ages to save my poor back. Cheers bud, owe you one. I’d say making friends like that are worth £10 a year wouldn’t you?! [emoji6]


Overhead valve-removing apparatus-



The shorts-




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Thought I do an update as it's been a very long time indeed.


Got a pair of Kenlowe Fans from Budz(Dean/Abz).

Knocked up some brackets to mount them on the rad.



Reworked the Intercooler pipe to fit the new Fans.




Finished Shot.



Spot the shiny alternator from Lee. The current draw was too much for the 20 year old stock items.

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Time for a yearly update 🤣 .... and to try out this new forum!

I do love the original clocks on a Pre-facelift Supra. I already had a TRD Tach, and a UK Speedo fitted. So when Adam Knight (aka The Biebs) Offered me a genuine TRD and Super-rare Fuel/Water Gauge I couldn't say no! 

With the car being pretty much how I want it now, it's these little things that keep the modding enjoyment going :) 



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