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Oh yes!!


Car Specs in the beginning- 1996 TT Auto, 37000miles. Deep Jewel Green, 100% Stock.


This colour, whilst being difficult to capture on camera, is amazing in the sunlight, and rare to boot!


I decided to take the plunge and sell my Manual, Widearch Aerotop shell. I realized that I was going too far with the project;


-I like to drive my car hard and the Aerotop wobble wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

-I was building a show car… Something I have never wanted. I think I got caught up in Build Thread Fever.


Que the green beast. I picked it up on Friday 6th Sept. It drove perfectly, gave me a sense of how awesome these things must have seemed in their day when new.


The low mileage means that not only does it drive like new, it is like new underneath! Even the cats are shiny stainless! The heatshield have no evidence of brown, and there is NO surface rust anywhere…. Quite amazing!


Being 100% stock I naturally set about changing that! First order of the day was the 6 speed box, Big Case TRD Diff(Short Driveshaft included ofc :D ), and the RPS Streetmax Clutch.


With the Help of Mr DavidP, (who has once again proved how much of a true gent he is!), we compeleted the 6-speeding over Saturday and Sunday, tunnel replace with a new section from Mr-T, the works!


It drives like a dream, a stock TT6 is still quite a weapon…. The Manual really does transform a Supra. The RPS Clutch is actually surprisingly ok as well! 660ft-lbs of Torque should be enough :)


Unsuspecting of what's to come, 100% stock and in the Sunlight!



Need a polish but the colour is fantastic!




Facelift Rears!






The conversion in pictures!;


Good Chiselling Action from Mr. P!



This is what it should look like when removed :) If it's not mangled you know you have done it properly!


Cleaning up for welding


Old and new!


Sealed in nicely :)


Nice tidy workshop!… :D







TT6 conversion 004.JPG

TT6 conversion 003.JPG

TT6 conversion 005.JPG

TT6 conversion 002.JPG





TT6 conversion 007.JPG

TT6 conversion 008.JPG

TT6 conversion 011.JPG



TT6 conversion 013.JPG








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Snapped a couple of quick pics of the exhaust surround on my way out of the door this morning. I love it!  

My neighbours appreciate the bung. Also I will not be called a poof by a boy who wears skinny jeans!!!

Speak of the devil and all that.... wonder what this package that just arrived is!   Comedy address label!  

Posted Images

Fitted my big Case TRD Diff


All Freshly Zinc Coated OEM Bolts/brackets from my stash were used where possible. :)




RPS Clutch Fitted




Fitting up the Shifter.





The Finished Article:




[/img]</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> After a free pub lunch, (Winner winner!) and a drink, we parted ways and I went back to the workshop to fit;</p><p> </p><p> -Black Alcantara Recaros from a DC2 with Bride Rails.</p><p> -My Momo Wheel(Been on all Three of my Supra’s so far now!)</p><p> -Blue Dash Conversion </p><p> -My Focal Front Components and Alpine Head Unit </p><p> -TRD Rev Counter and UK speedo </p><p> -Facelift Rear, Front lights and clear Side Repeaters</p><p> -Carbon Bonnet Dampeners</p><p> Some Piccys!</p><p> </p><p> Stock Japanese… err. loveliness? </p><p> [img]http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/attachment.php?attachmentid=174768&d=1378680110


Hmmmm recaro




Hmmm facelifts! Sooo much better.




Next weekend it’s time for:


-HKS Ti and Second Decat

-Facelift front indicators(If I can find some!)

-Carbon Exhaust Surround

-Aluminium Undertray

-HID Kit

-Kicker Rear Speakers

-HKS Hipermax 3 Coil-overs


Minty Fresh and waiting their turn.


About 4 hours work with the brake cleaner and wire wool got them like this! They need copper greasing back up before fitting.



On the Wish List is;


-Facelift Front Indicators & Looms

-Getrag inspection covers

-Nice set of Wheels(Got a few in mind, working on it now!)



If anyone has any of the above let me know. Parts missing from the single conversion stash are now literally a Syvecs s6 and sensors :).


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the write up as much as I have enjoyed myself this weekend :)

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brilliant work already mate - amazing transformation inside with the change of seats!!


this will be lovely once its all done.... wheel choice is goign to be crucial!!


oh,,,,,,,,and all these pictures of manual working and not one glimpse of your Pants..... :search:

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