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20th anniversary Irish supra meet


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Right ideas flying about on bake book about a drive / meet involving supras,

so one of the ideas is to start early one morning maybe a Saturday or Sunday early September and do a rally cough drive up the Antrim coast and finish at Portstewart beach for a couple of pictures,


If anyone has any other ideas fire away, even if the boys from down south want in I'm sure we can sort something as Antrim coast is a hell of a drive ,


It's also open to all supras and anything supra orientated


So any ideas stick it below, it's a last minute "lets do this" so quick ideas are needed and we can all agree on a date that suits


This is probly the first time in a long time everyone's supras are actually built taxed and motd so no excuses


Names going so far are




Marty bondango



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Guest jamesythompson
Jamesy were you not on this site? Or did you just register lol


Think I used to be on it, but I'll be damned if I can remember my username. Six_Impressive_hours is too long for this forum (the length of the username - not the six hours... lol).

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Guest jamesythompson
You were defo here, long time no see Jamesy! :)


Certain I was too, haven't posted in years and old age means I can't recall my username... doh :)


Fingers now crossed for good weather on the 8th!

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Guest jamesythompson
i might meet up with yous in the gt4 if is ok. I know its not a supra but it is her little sister and it does have a big boot spoiler;)


GT4, awesome. Love these. Friend had a lovely white ST205 on white Compomotives. Thing looked amazing.


Booked the hotel today !


Good stuff, Clarion in Carrick?

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Was at Portstewart beech today and the cars should get on and off no probs, it's £4.50 a car but there off season starts 1st September so it should be free in but other than that it's a good place to go for the pictures , if we do venture onto the sand as long as we take it easy the cars won't sink or get stuck but I can bring wood strips and a shovel just incase lol

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