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my old car up for sale already !!


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I know how you feel Liam, at the end of the day its totally up to the guy if what he choses to do with it... Im sure you didnt lower your price just because he seemed like a 'Supra fan', you should sell it for what you think it should go for - end of story.


Very sad that he lied to you about it tho.

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Whats to say the guy who bought it from you didnt sell it to this garage / dealer ?


Perhaps he bought it and soon found out he couldnt afford it, or even didnt like it, and this dealer snapped it up off him ?


I know that i once bought an Escort Cosworth that i had been after for a while, and sold it to a trader at a slight loss 7 weeks later so that i could get a better one that came up.

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I'd be a little gutted too.....

Liam was happy with what he got for the car. Where's the problem?

It's not even like the new owner has managed to sell it for £14k.... but even if he does (which I highly doubt he will), so what?


Can't see the problem :confused:

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because he called me yesterday asking me for the sevice history documents

sell them at a price that makes you comfortable :sly:

He can't be much of a trader if he didn't fill in the correct part of the V5, can he? Now the car appears to have an extra owner for no good reason...

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Hi Liam..

As much as I hate to say it but...."Told you so."


It had to be either someone with way too much money or a trader.

All you've gotta think it that you were happy with what you got for it, and wouldn't expect him to get that price. He has to warranty it etc


I've just thought there's also probably something dodgy about this. If he filled in his personal details like you said, then he can't claim the VAT back (unless he resold it at a silly price to his business - v.naughty).

If he did it legit then he has an extra 17.5% to make before seeing any profit. (11,280)

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