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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

20th Anniversary Party at Rockingham - 26th August


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C'mon guys lets get a good number of people interested in this, I've copied the information from the main thread and thought I would try drum up some Scottish support.


I understand this lands on a Monday but it would be good to be part of it!



Update on this.


We've been trying to organise something with Toyota GB to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Supra and whilst the ideal scenario would have been to meet at Toyota HQ, due to regulations etc we just can't. However, Toyota GB are offering us some real support for the 26th August meet at Rockingham (which is a BANK HOLIDAY!) in terms of:


• Commissioning and paying for a limited edition sticker for members through renowned retro automotive artist Guy Allen (guyallen.co.uk).

• Having a standard Mk IV Supra along with the Castrol Tom's Supra which won the Japanese GT series in 1997 at the event.

• Supplying and paying for a hog roast which will feed up to 150 people (we therefore will need to pin numbers down to a great extent).

• A cake!


Plus, there is another element they're looking at for us as well.


What we need to do is get some real support and numbers from forum members for attending to make this happen and become a birthday party to remember.


So, if you're up for this, please add your name to the list - we do need some real good numbers!!



1. Ellis

2. TheTurtlesHead

3. Josh42

4. Steve Paine

5. Guigsy

6. Abz & Mike2JZ

7. Drift_bear

8. Pig

9. Marbleapple

10. Fastcar

11. Fly + P.A

12. David P

13. JCBT & Chris Bailey

14. ScottC

15. TT Paul + Missus

16. Josh + Elisa

17. Littler

18. Supra_ufo

19. Marc_p

20. C12MMO + Girlfriend

21. Tsia

22. Sukhy

23. Pete

24. mplavery + ball and chain

25. Timlowthian

26. Wewsupra

27. Mattp + 1

28. Thetrashcanman & Biebs

29. Trebor69

30. Mike33 & Wife

31. Perpy1878 + girlfriend










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