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SRD 170amp Alternators

Lee P

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With all the extra electronics we are putting in the cars (audio, fans, twin pumps ect) its a good idea to uprate the alternator to cope


Also with the original units now 15+ years old they are getting old and tired


We now offer an uprated unit, these are brand new uprated alternators made for us by Mechman in the USA.


Spec is:


170 amp High Output S series alternator

twin rectifier plates

12 huge heavy duty diodes

hairpin stator construction for un-matched low RPM output and durability.



Installation is a direct bolt in, the stock belt can be used, and the unit accepts the factory Toyota alternator harness. In high current draw applications we recommend upgraded cabling.


170 amp £320 (£390 polished)



Prices are plus £15 delivery to mainland UK











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Hi Lee- when would you recommend somebody opting for the 200amp instead of the 160amp?


All depends on how much equipment you are running really.


If you have alot of stuff turned on at the same time then it can add up to a lot.


You can roughly work it out by adding up the amperage of the equipment that you are likely to have on together.





Fuel pumps



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